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  • This page contains Supplementary Information, Source Codes, and Five different DNA Microarray Gene Expression Datasets used in the paper entitled "Classification of Two and Multi-Class Cancer Data Reliably Using Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithms".

    Source Codes in C-Language
    DNA Microarray Gene Expression Datasets
    Supplementary Information

    The above codes are developed at Kanpur Genetic Algorithms Laboratory (KanGAL) or customized from publicly available codes. In any case, the developers of the codes do not take responsibilities of any malfunction, although they are tested on many test problems. These codes are tested on linux Mandrake. Any bug or error may kindly be communicated to KALYANMOY DEB and/or A RAJI REDDY. Commercial use of these codes are strictly prohibited without any knowledge of the developers (KanGAL). For academic use, they can be used or modified at will, however an acknowledgement of KanGAL web site in appropriate places and with a prior notification to KanGAL would be appreciated.