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The KanGAL web-site hosts information on Genetic Algorithms and it's application to optimization problems. This web-site serves as a medium of communicating the research output of KanGAL to the rest of the world. We make every effort to keep the information on this web-site up-to-date keeping you informed about the latest at KanGAL. This web-site also hosts the public domain source codes released by KanGAL. Click here to access softwares realeased by KanGAL. To access KanGAL publications, click on this link.

In the design of this web-site, I have made use of HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript and Perl. Some of these things were required simply because Internet Explorer's lack of support of CSS 2.1 features, which forced me to change the design of web-site for IE. While designing this web-site, care has been taken to seperate the content and design of the web-site thereby making it easier to manage and make future updates. The entire layout of the site is designed in CSS and therefore the look of the site can be changed without even requiring to edit any of the content pages. Another aspect that has been taken care of is browser compatibility. Care has been taken to ensure that the site displays properly on dominant web-browsers like IE, Netscape, FireFox, Opera, Konqueror, Safari etc. Extra care has been taken to ensure easy navigation and accessibility of the web-site.

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Please feel free to mail your comments and suggestion regarding the content and design of this web-site to Prof. Kalyanmoy Deb

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