Computational Optimization and Innovation (COIN) Laboratory is a research laboratory at Michigan State University, East Lansing, USA dedicated to pursuing research and industrial collaboration in the all areas of optimization, evolutionary computation and their application to creating innovative solutions. Fundamental research and application to scientific and engineering problems are primary focus of COIN Lab.

COIN Lab was established in 2013 soon after Prof. Deb has joined MSU. As a precursor to this laboratory, Prof. Deb's KanGAL at IIT Kanpur in India served a similar purpose successfully since 1997. The COIN Lab proposes to work with undergraduate as well as graduate students working on various aspects applied optimization studies. The COIN lab is also be looking for active collaborations with industries in the areas of optimization, optimal design, modeling, solving inverse problems, scheduling, planning, routing, resource allocation, optimal control, data mining and machine learning problems.

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