FOCUS is a free cross-platform ultrasound simulation tool that quickly and accurately calculates pressure fields generated by single transducers and phased arrays.

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Version 0.974

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What's new in version 0.974 (February 2024)?

See the release notes for more details.


FOCUS is simple to use for both experts and non-experts from any supported version of MATLAB.

Most software suffers very large errors in the nearfield and especially at the transducer face. The Fast Nearfield Method removes a singularity present in most methods that allows FOCUS to achieve high accuracy in this region.

Our implementation of the Fast Nearfield Method is the fastest method of ultrasound simulation that we've seen; FNM is O(n) rather than O(n2) like most methods.

Using Time-Space Decomposition, FOCUS is able to perform transient calculations very quickly and at lower sample rates for the same accuracy.

FOCUS is more accurate than most ultrasound simulation software while still maintaining its speed advantage due to the relatively small number of abscissas required by the Fast Nearfield Method.

Memory usage in FOCUS is significantly lower than in most software, especially in transient calculations due to the advantages of TSD.


Radiation Force Modeling

Analysis of computation time and accuracy of FOCUS calculations.

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Waveform Diversity and 3-D Heating

Simulation of a 1,444-element spherical section array.

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See more on the applications page and the examples page.

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We've compiled a number of resources you might be interested in if you want to learn more about FOCUS and the theory behind it.



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FOCUS is available for Linux, Mac and Windows. We now only support the 64-bit version of Matlab. The most recent version of FOCUS was compiled for MATLAB R2024a.

You can download FOCUS version 0.974 from the download page.

Supported in part by NIH Grants R21CA121235 and R01EB012079.