Eligibility Requirements

This information has been adapted from information provided by the Tau Beta Pi National Headquarters. Membership to Tau Beta Pi is by invitation from collegiate chapters. If, after reviewing the information below, you feel you meet the requirements to join Tau Beta Pi, please apply.

Michigan Alpha Chapter Bylaws


Election to membership in the Association is accomplished only by vote of a collegiate chapter, and members' chapter designations are always those of the chapters which elected them. Members' class numerals are those of the years in which they received the engineering degrees on which their eligibility was based, although members with no engineering degree are designated by the year in which they were initiated.

Candidates eligible for consideration for election to membership by a collegiate chapter fall into five general categories:

Undergraduate Eligibility Requirements.

Undergraduate students in the College of Engineering whose scholarship places them in the top eighth of their class in their junior year or in the top fifth of their class in their senior college year are eligible for membership consideration. These scholastically eligible students are further considered on the basis of personal integrity, breadth of interest both inside and outside engineering, adaptability, and unselfish activity.

Elections and initiations are held twice a year, in the fall and spring semester.

Student electees who are financially unable to meet the initiation-fee obligation may make delayed payment arrangements with their chapters, may borrow from the Association's loan fund, or may accept election but postpone initiation for up to five years.

Graduate Eligibility Requirements.

Engineering graduate students whose scholarship places them in the top fifth of their graduate class or whose high-quality work is attested to by a faculty member may be elected to membership.

Engineering alumni of a chapter's institution or of another recognized institution whose scholastic record placed them in the top fifth of their class may be elected to membership. Such candidates are usually recommended to the chapter by a member who knows them.

In all cases the requisite scholastic attainment makes candidates eligible for membership consideration. They are further considered on the basis of the Association's exemplary character requirement.

Eminent Engineer Eligibility Requirements

Persons who have achieved eminence in engineering may be elected to membership without regard to collegiate records. If they graduated from a recognized engineering college, they must have been engaged in engineering for at least 10 years; if not, they must have practiced engineering for at least 15 years. Such candidates are usually recommended by members who know them. The required degree of eminent achievement is left to the chapters' discretion; and candidates are further considered on the basis of exemplary character.