Nicole Shriner


Nicole Shriner

Teaching Specialist


Nicole Shriner is a Teaching Specialist in the Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science. She received her BS in Chemical Engineering in 2014 at Michigan State University with concentrations in biomedical engineering and fermented beverage science and technology. She completed her PhD in Chemical Engineering at Michigan State University in 2018. Her dissertation was titled 'Cyclic Distillation for Energy Conversation in Distilled Spirit Production.' She completed a Master Brewer degree from the World Brewing Academy at Siebel Institute of Technology in Chicago, Illinois and Doemen's Academy in Munich, Germany in July 2019. Nicole has compiled a total of 9 years of experience working at, or with,  distilleries, breweries and wineries. She manages the fermented beverage analysis lab at Michigan State through which she completes analyses and facilitates research with industry members from raw materials to final fermented beverage product. Nicole collaborates with members of the College of Natural Science and MSU extension on research related to hops, cereal grain and grapes for fermented beverage production.

Research topics include: use of milk permeate by-product stream from the Michigan Milk Producers Association to produce food grade ethanol (vodka) via K. Marxianus, diacetyl production, reduction and control in beers brewed with raspberries and other adjunct sugar sources, and evaluation of corn and rye varieties for the Michigan Craft Distilling Industry. Many of her projects are funded by the Governor appointed Michigan Craft Beverage Council.

Nicole teaches the core courses for the Minor in Beverage Science and Technology:

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