"We are working in west Africa on mechanization for conservation agriculture. We have made major improvements to the planter and worked with the local blacksmith to develop low-crown, low-pitch angle sweeps that increased the effective cutting width 20% compared to shovels typically used, and the sweep design decreased the pulling force by 21%. We will be back in Burkina Faso in the fall to evaluate crop progress and continue with equipment evaluation and innovation." - Dr. Harrigan


South Campus Anaerobic Digester
The school's influence stretches far beyond its campus where ongoing research in Costa Rica and other South American countries is exploring methods.
Photo of Dr. Alocilja
Finalist for 2017 North American recognition Manufacturing Leaders Awards
Photo of Dr. Liao
Dr. Liao serves as director of the project
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How Engineers are Helping Fight Antibiotic Resistance
Photo of Melissa Rojas-Downing at ASABE conference
Congrats Melissa!