Photo of MSU AAAS Fellows
MSU researchers honored for achievements in science and society Michigan State University researchers Evangelyn Alocilja, Andrea Case, James Fairweather, William Lovis and Shin-Han Shiu were recognized Jan. 31 as fellows of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, or AAAS.


Chelsie Boodoo received the Graduate Student Award for Science Communication and Outreach, which recognizes the exemplary translation and communication of ideas, issues, findings, and advances in the sciences
Larry Walker, Ph.D., will receive the inaugural 2023 CANR Dean's Pinnacle of Excellence Award during ANR Week.
Keith Tinsey will receive the 2023 CANR Alumni Service Award during ANR Week.
Scott Piggott
Michigan Farm Bureau CEO Scott Piggott will receive the 2023 CANR Distinguished Service Award during ANR Week.
The Food and Health Engineering Laboratory evaluated the nutritional quality of ultra-processed foods. With the goal of providing more data to give guidance to increase nutritional quality in the future.