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Lab-on-CMOS Microsystem

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Description: In this More than Moore era, technologies and methodologies that couple microelectronics with biological interfaces represent a frontier with potential to revolutionize scientific research as well as the semiconductor and biomedical industries. With advancement of MEMS technology and CMOS electronics, the biosensors can be dramatically miniaturized and measured with integrated CMOS electronics which will make biosensors portable and embeddable while many benefits can be obtained including better sensitivity, lower power consumption and low cost etc. In order to enhance the reproducibility and throughput, the microfluidic technology can be adopted to automatically handle fluidics in microfluidic channels with high density. This lab-on-CMOS project is try to integrate biosensor array, CMOS electrochemical instrumentation and Microfluidic channel together into a single device to make a compact high-throughput microsystem to fully develop the miniaturized monolithic realization. Biosensor, CMOS instrumentation and Microchannel fabrication, include with the packaging and encapsulation research was performed in this project for the on-CMOS single device microsystem target.

Author: Heyu yin