Facilities and Equipment
Advanced research requires advanced facilities and equipment. The list of research equipment and facilities include dynamometer test cells, emission banks, high speed cameras, infrared cameras, cold room, thermoelectric laboratory, optical engines and laser diagnostics equipment..

EARL Lab: Engine Controls Lab

EARL Lab: Laser Diagnostics Lab
Optical Engines

Optical engines are used in a wide range of powertrain studies. They include high speed and thermal imaging of the combustion process, MTV flow field studies, oil film thickness studies and LDV analysis. In the optical engine the cylinder and/or the piston head are made out of a transluscent material or have a transluscent insert.
Single Cylinder Engine

The single cylinder research engine is used in conjunction with the dynamometer. It is useful for a wide range of powertrain studies from powertrain efficiency studies to emissions analysis and component testing. Most recently a single cylinder research engine was designed and built for use in the research of a high compression, direct injection, spark ignition, methanol fueled engine with a integral injector ignition source insert.
High Speed Imaging

Most recently, high speed imaging was used with a firing optical engine to study different fuel injectors and the effect they had on the combustion process in diesel engines. The study used several different injectors and A/F ratios and observed the engine's combustion progression and characteristics as well as the exhaust products.