"...bringing together, in one facility, leading engineers and scientists, all working to solve problems important to the energy and automotive fields"
-Satish Udpa, Dean of Engineering

Michigan State University full time and lifelong learning students are trained in this newly designed modern facility and benefit from having developed exceptional experimental research skills. The Automotive Research Experiment Station provides these students with the distinctive opportunity to be involved in multidisciplinary research and characteristics of the nature of work within the automobile industry. ARES provides a unique framework to implement fundamental scientific principals into the development of optimal automotive systems designs. ARES offers graduate and undergraduate students real world experience in automotive research and engineering. Working alongside outstanding researchers and teachers in a state of the art facility, the technical leaders of tomorrow will gain hands on exposure to the industry's current priorities and future needs.

EARL Lab: Engine Controls Lab
EARL Lab: Laser Diagnostics Lab

ARES hosts many research projects ranging from thermoelectric energy recovery to cutting edge flowfield analysis and in-chamber combustion analysis. Read More

The advanced research being performed at ARES is published in various conference proceedings and journals
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ARES operates a number of advanced research facilities ranging from optical engine test cells to a state of the art emissions analysis equipment.
ARES facilities and equipment

Computational simulations are an important tool in completing advanced research projects. From sophisticated engine simulation codes to industry standard FEA codes, ARES researches make use of the latest computational software.
A selection of software used in ARES
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