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Andrew J. Mason, Ph.D.

lectrical and Computer Engineering

Mailing Address:
428 S. Shaw Lane, Rm 2120
East Lansing, MI 48824-2252

1217 Engineering Building
Ph: 517-355-6502
Fax:  517-353-1980





Ph.D., University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, 2000 (Electrical Engineering) 
M.S., University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, 1994 (Electrical Engineering) 
B.E.E., Georgia Institute of Technology, 1992 (Electrical Engineering) 
B.S., Western Kentucky University, 1991 (Physics)


Research Mission

To explore innovative mixed-signal circuits and microfabricated structures that bridge the gap between emerging nano/micro sensor technologies and high impact biomedical and personal safety applications.


Principal Scholarly Interests

Wearable/implantable biosensor and chemical sensor systems for biomedical and environmental monitoring applications; Low-power mixed-signal integrated circuits; Microfabricated electrochemical sensor arrays; Energy efficient signal processing algorithms and hardware for neural implants and sensor arrays; Post-CMOS integration of sensing, instrumentation, and microfluidics.


“Lab-on-CMOS” device incorporating CMOS electrochemical circuits and multi-channel microfluidics



4x5mm low power sensor signal processing SoC in 180nm CMOS

Recent Highlights

  • Dr. Mason and collaborators win NIH/NIAID R01 grant to develop a portable malaria sensor for wide distribution in third-world countries.
  • MSU Strategic Partnership Grant awarded to develop a visual prosthetic with optical cortex stimulation array.
  • Welcome new members to AMSaC lab for 2014-15: Sina Parsnejad and Ehsan Ashoori
  • Dr. Mason promoted to full Professor, July 2014
  • Dr. Mason receives $2.3M NIH-R01 grant to develop wearable gas sensor arrays for monitoring airborne toxins.
  • Welcome new members to the AMSaC lab, 2013-14: Heyu Yin and Sam Boling.
  • Congratulations to 2013 Ph.D. graduates from the AMSaC lab: Xiaoyi Mu and Xiaowen Liu.
  • AMSaC lab presents two papers at the IEEE Sensors Conf, Nov 2013, in Baltimore
  • Dr. Mason delivers two invited lectures at The Royal Society in London and Chicheley Hall, England, May 2013.
  • Dr. Mason receives NSF grant to develop high density membrane protein array on a CMOS readout chip.
  • AMSaC research featured on the journal cover of IEEE Trans. Neural Sys Rehabilitation Engineering, Jan 2013
  • Dr. Mason serves as a General Chair of 2011 IEEE BioCAS Conf.
  • Dr. Mason delivers a keynote talk during IEEE International Workshop on Advances in Sensors and Interfaces, June 2011 in Italy.
  • IEEE BioCAS 2010 Best Student Paper Award goes to Awais Kamboh, Andrew J. Mason, “On-Chip Feature Extraction for Spike Sorting in High Density Implantable Neural Recording Systems”
  • Dr. Mason receives $1.9M NIOSH R01 grant to develop gas sensor arrays for underground mine safety
  • Dr. Mason receives the 2010 Withrow Award for Teaching Excellence

Research Update (Spring 2012): AMSaC Newsletter

Associated Labs

Advanced MicroSystems and Circuits (AMSaC) Research Laboratory (Dr. Mason's Lab)

Micro and Nano Engineering Facility (MNEF) ERC Cleanroom

Keck Microfabrication Facility

Other MSU/ECE Research Labs

Project Websites

NSF IDBR Temperature Controlled Array Microsystem for Functional Proteomics (began Sept. 2007)

Associated Centers

Center for Nanostructured Biomimetic Interfaces (CNBI)

NSF Center for Wireless Integrated Microsystems (WIMS)