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Welcome to the Advanced MicroSystems and Circuits (AMSaC) group at Michigan State University. The mission of this research group is to develop integrated circuit and microsystem approaches that enable a bridging between novel nano/micro-sensor technologies and high impact biomedical and environmental applications. This research group focuses on the design, fabrication, and test of mixed-signal integrated circuits and multi-sensor microsystems based on Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) technologies and nanostructured biological and chemical components.

The AMSaC group has been actively teaching courses, conducting research, and publishing results since 2001. The AMSaC research group is dedicated to generating new technology, electronic structures, and mixed signal circuit architectures to advance the field of integrated microsystems and related areas of microelectronics.  AMSaC conducts research in the areas of VLSI Architecture, Circuits and Systems, Mixed Signal SoC design, MEMS, Digital Signal Processing, Biomedical Systems, and Computer Architecture.


Lab Director: Dr. Andrew Mason


Recent Headlines

*     AMSaC lab presents two papers at the IEEE ISCAS Conf, May 2012, in Korea

*     Congratulations to 2011 graduates from the AMSaC lab: Yue Huang, Awais Kamboh (Ph.D.), Haitao Li, Lin Li (MS)

*     AMSaC lab presents four papers at IEEE BioCAS Conf., Nov 2011, in San Diego

*     Dr. Mason serves as a General Chair of 2011 IEEE BioCAS Conf.

*     Dr. Mason delivers a keynote talk during IEEE International Workshop on Advances in Sensors and Interfaces, June 2011 in Italy.

*     AMSaC lab presents two papers at IEEE Eng. Medicine Biology Conf., Aug 2011, in Boston

*     Congratulations to 2010 graduates from the AMSaC lab: Waqar Qureshi, Xiaoyi Mu, Xiaowen Liu (MS)

*     IEEE BioCAS 2010 Best Student Paper Award goes to Awais Kamboh, Andrew J. Mason, “On-Chip Feature Extraction for Spike Sorting in High Density Implantable Neural Recording Systems”

*     AMSaC research recognized in IEEE Spectrum <here>

*     AMSaC lab presents three papers at IEEE BioCAS Conf., Nov 2010, in Cyprus

*     Dr. Mason receives $1.9M R01 grant to develop gas sensor arrays for mine safety

*     Dr. Mason receives the 2010 Withrow Award for Teaching Excellence



      428 S. Shaw Lane, Rm 1522          517-432-3506
MSU, East Lansing          amsac@egr.msu.edu

              Michigan 48824


 Advanced Microsystems and Circuits Research Group

Electrical and Computer Engineering, Michigan State University