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Department of Mechanical Engineering College of Engineering Michigan State University


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Elisa Toulson
Assistant Professor
Department of Mechanical Engineering

Michigan State University

E143 ERC South
East Lansing, MI 48824
Phone: 1-517-884-1549


- PhD Student Chaitanya Wadkar joined the group (Aug 2017)

- Masumeh Gholamisheeri succesfully defends PhD dissertation (July 2017)

- Dr. Toulson and Dr. Giles Brereton have been awarded funding from the DENSO North America Foundation to develop senior level undergraduate major design project experiences to enhance training for the automotive industry (June 2017)

- PhD Student Masumeh Gholamisheeri presented a paper at the 10th US National Combustion Meeting (April 2017)

- Gerald Gentz and Dr. Toulson were awarded the SAE Myers Award at SAE World Congress (April 2017)

- PhD student Masumeh Gholamisheeri presented a paper at SAE World Congrees (April 2017)

- Dr. Toulson was awarded funding to study fuel auto ignition and laminar flame speeds (Feb 2017)

- PhD student Berk Can Duva joined the group (Jan 2017)

- PhD student Gerald Gentz graduated and accepted a postdoc at Sandia National Lab (Aug 2016)

- PhD student Prasanna Chinnathambi joined the group (July 2016)

- PhD students Gerald Gentz, Bryce Thelen and Masumeh Gholamisheeri each presented papers at SAE World Congrees 2016 (April 2016)

- Dr. Toulson was awarded the SAE Ralph R. Teetor Education Award at SAE World Congress (April 2016)

- Dr. Toulson and Olson EcoLogic have been awarded $750,000 from The California Energy Comission for Advanced Natural Gas Engine Ignition Systems Research (May 2015)

- Six researchers at Michigan State University have been awarded $1.3 million from the NSF/DOE Partnership on Advanced Combustion Engines to do research on modeling and experimental studies of controllable cavity turbulent jet ignition systems. Dr. Toulson is the PI for this project and will be involved in the experimental investigations of the turbulent jet ignition systems in MSU's rapid compression machine. (November 2013)

- Dr. Toulson has been awarded funding from The DENSO North America Foundation to study advanced ignition systems for internal combustion engines. Approximately 10 undergraduate students will have the opportunity to take part in this research  through their senior capstone design project. (September 2013)

- Dr. Toulson has been awarded funding from Bradford White Corporation to develop a test procedure and apparatus for evaluating instantaneous and hybrid water heater durability for potential potable water supplies. One master's student and one undergraduate student will have the opportunity to participate in this project (July 2013)