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In good company


Here are some of Prof. Mitra's outreach activities.

AMPS Committee (Previously known as PSACE)
Prof. Mitra is Past Chair of the Analytic Methods for Power Systems (AMPS) Committee of the Power & Energy Society (PES) of the IEEE.

PEEC Research Subcommittee
Prof. Mitra is Past Chair of the Research Subcommittee of Power & Energy Education Committee of the IEEE-PES.

Institute of Public Utilities
Prof. Mitra is a Senior Faculty Associate with the Instutute of Public Utilities, the nation's leading provider of continuing education for public utility regulators from Michigan, the U.S. and international agencies.

RRPA Subcommittee Activities
Prof. Mitra served as Chair of the IEEE Reliability, Risk and Probability Applications (RRPA) Subcommittee from 2009-11. This SC is part of the PSACE.

Student Activities at PES Meetings
From January 2006 to December 2007 Prof. Mitra served as Chair of the Student Meetings Subcommittee, which is part of the Power & Energy Education Committee of the IEEE-PES. He held other offices in this SC from January 2002 to December 2005. In these six years of leadership he helped organize eight Student Programs, with a total participation of over 770 students. As part of these programs the SC also had Student Poster Contests. In the eight Contests that Prof. Mitra helped organize and administer, there were over 360 participants.

The North American Power Symposium 2007
Prof. Mitra and a colleague organized and Chaired the 39th Annual North American Power Symposium in 2007. The conference was co-sponsored by IEEE, and was attended by 160 registered delegates. At the conference, 110 papers were presented in 21 sessions. The above link provides a look into the organization of the conference and included activites. You may also view the proceedings, but please bear in mind that these are copyrighted.

IEEE Tutorial on Power System Reliability
Prof. Mitra organized and Chaired an IEEE tutorial on power system reliability. It was offered at three major IEEE Power Engineering Society conferences, and was attended by 175 registrants. The success of the event earned the team of instructors a Technical Committee Working Group Recognition Award. The above link provides a little information on the tutorial and the instructors.

Short Course on Power System Reliability
In January 2006 Prof. Mitra and a colleague taught a short course on Electric Power System Reliability Evaluation, at the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur. This was a 16 hour, 1 SCH course, and was attended by 20 graduate students. The above link provides the course outline.

The Distributed and Renewable Energy Symposium 2003
In his first semester at New Mexico State University, Prof. Mitra and a colleague organized and Chaired theDistributed and Renewable Energy Symposium 2003. This was a one-day event, and its purpose was to bring together colleagues from local utilities and National Labs who were interested in the subject to discuss contemporary technological issues and explore avenues for research collaboration.�