Field-deployable and/or High Throughput Genetic Testing

Picture of Gene-Z

My group has also been engaged in developing molecular tools and platforms to screen for markers in field-deployable formats and high throughput screening of important functional genes (e.g., antimicrobial resistance, oxygenases, dehalogenase, etc.). Key tools that my group has developed include i) Gene-Z - a hand-held device for nucleic acids testing (Stedtfeld at al., 2012), ii) an antimicrobial resistance gene screening chip containing approx. 500 AMR genes based on Wafergen's SmartChip platform (Zhu et al., 2013, Johnson et al.,2016, Stedtfeld et al., 2018), and iii) a direct amplification approach to allow simplified field-based amplification systems (Williams et al., 2017). The OHRB chip being used as part of the work proposed here is based on the expertise accumulated as part of the above research.

Selected Publications

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