Autonomous and Connected Vehicles

The WAVES Lab is currently leading a major MSU initiative in the area of autonomous and connected vehicles. This initiative involves faculty members across multiple departments within the College of Engineering and other colleges at MSU. In addition to leading the overall effort for the CANVAS (Connected and Autonomous Networked-Vehicles Active Safety) initiative, the WAVES Lab is heavily involved in developing key technologies that will enable self-driving cars’ occupants and users achieve: (a) active safety through advanced sensing, learning and fusion solutions; and (b) optimal productivity through novel mobility and transportation services. Research problems pursued by the WAVES Lab and in close collaborations with other faculty members of the CANVAS initiative includes:

  • Autonomous and connected vehicles architecture
  • Joint deep learning that integrates sensing data from multiple modalities (RADARs, cameras, and LIDARs) with localization and mapping data
  • Joint deep learning and optimal fusion
  • Integrated recognition and situational awareness
  • Precise tracking of objects moving at different speeds
  • Seeing behind moving objects
  • Multi-vehicle sensor data sharing and fusion
  • Future location sensing
  • Mobility and transportation services