Yiming Deng is an Associate Professor in the Nondestructive Evaluation Laboratory of Electrical and Computer Engineering department of the College of EngineeringMichigan State University, USA. He is also an Associate Editor of IEEE Transactions on Reliability, Materials Evaluation, and RAMS Proceedings. He serves as ad hoc panelist and reviewer for National Science Foundation (NSF), US Department of Energy (DOE), US Department of Transportation (DOT), NDSEG Program (US DoD and ASEE) and over 30 scientific journals. He is a Senior Member of IEEE and a Member of ASNT.

My research interests include electromagnetic and acoustic nondestructive evaluation (NDE), structural health monitoring (SHM) for multi-scale, multi-resolution, and multi-parameter damage diagnostics and prognostics, applied electromagnetics, acoustics, and computational modeling. I am interested in developing novel NDE/SHM actuators and sensors, sensing systems that involve multi-physics simulations for understanding imaging physics, and conducting experimental validations as well as actuators/sensors prototyping for a wide range of engineering applications to assure defense, critical energy and transportation infrastructures safety, security, reliability and sustainability.


Yiming Deng, Ph.D.
2507 Engineering Building, 428 S. Shaw Lane
Department of Electircal and Computer Engineering
Michigan State University
East Lansing, MI 48824
Office Phone: 517-432-0492
Email: dengyimi AT egr DOT msu DOT edu