| Composite Vehicle Research Center


Transitioning Innovation Into Production

The Composite Vehicle Research Center focuses on the design and testing of composite structures for light-weight, environment-friendly, durable and safe vehicles.  The thrust areas are: advanced design of composite shells and structures for vehicles; development of novel experimental mechanics methods and smart sensing systems for analysis, non-destructive evaluation and structural health monitoring; and integration of simulation and experimental mechanics in design protocols for vehicles.

Our focus is on the successful transition of new knowledge into product development through intimate collaborations with research organizations and industrial partners.

Innovation begins with research and extends through product qualification. The CVRC aims to unify this process through a consortium with industry and research labs to provide:

  • expertise across the spectrum of composite materials and structures
  • representation from researchers, manufacturers, suppliers, and end-users
  • technology and knowledge exchange across disciplines and industries
  • international participation to ensure a world-class activity

MSU Leads the Way in Composite Materials Research & Development

Michigan State University has, for more than 25 years, been an international leader in composites research and education.  The MSU College of Engineering includes faculty from a broad range of disciplines with significant research focused on composites, and has established extensive facilities with characterization and processing equipment for the conduct of innovative composites research.

MSU Composite Research & Development Facilities:

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  • Light blue arrow with the words Composite Materials Structure Center
  • The Composites IACMI Institute


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A Center of Excellence

MSU's international leadership in composite materials research and development offers a comprehensive approach to creating and developing practical applications for advanced materials.

CVRC faculty engage in fundamental research that ranges from the development of new materials through fabrication, testing, and manufacturing of products.

CVRC leads the way in the R&D of composite structures for lightweight, durable, and safe vehicles for air, ground, and marine transportation.