Team Four Members

       My name is August Garrett and I am a Senior Electrical Engineering major from Canton, MI interested in Automotive Engineering. Hobbies include exercising, reading sci-fi and drawing. The role I am playing in this group is team manager.

     My name is Caitlin Ramsey, and I am an electrical engineering senior at Michigan State University. I will be graduating the May of 2015. For our project, the Accessible Insulin Pump, I will be working on document preparation. Working with other people on my team, I will collect and organize the documents necessary for the ECE 480 class.

     Michael Greene is an electrical engineering senior graduating in December 2014. He is an avid MSU fan and loves all aspects of this school. His technical focus for the project will be external power supply and ASCII code translation.

My name is Jianwen Lu, and I am a senior electrical engineering student. I am going to be graduated this December. My technical role in the group is focusing on creating the exceptional dictionary and sound library for V-stamp. And I am the Web-master in the group.