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Photo of a Center Pivot Sprinkler Irrigation System
Center Pivot Sprinkler Irrigation System

Welcome to Biosystems & Agricultural Engineering Irrigation Research Group

Irrigation Scheduling

  • Process of maintaining an optimum water balance in the soil profile for crop growth and production
  • Irrigation decisions are based on an accounting method on the water content in the soil

Why use irrigation scheduling?

  • Prevent stress  – health of plant; yield loss; appearance
  • Maximize water use efficiency – beneficial use of resource
  • Minimize leaching of nitrates or pesticides



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Extension Bulletin
This bulletin describes various types of soil moisture sensors and how to use the soil moisture sensor data to improve irrigation water use…
Efficient Irrigation Management With Center Pivot Systems
The ways to improve irrigation water use efficiency and increase the return on investment in the center pivot system are discussed.
Southwest Michigan Specialty Crop Irrigation Meeting
Younsuk Dong and Lyndon Kelley will discuss when to start irrigation, how much to apply, chemigation, and fertigation.