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Welcome to the WAVES Lab at Michigan State University

The WAVES lab at MSU addresses research problems that are emerging from the convergence of three technology areas: wireless networks, the Internet, and multimedia communications. One of the primary research areas being explored at the WAVES lab is the transmission of high-quality and scalable video over new generations of wireless Internet and mobile networks. These networks include:

  1. The wide range of wireless Local-Area-Networks (LANs).
  2. Mobile and cellular networks.
  3. Ad-hoc mobile networks.

The WAVES lab investigates new scalable and adaptive approaches for the source and channel coding, packetization, and resilient transmission of visual content over these networks. The techniques developed by the lab take into consideration both the Internet and wireless segments of the end-to-end chain.

The WAVES lab is investigating new communication approaches based on interactions among different layers of the protocol stack of wireless networks. Research activities of visual communications in the context of Quality-of-Service (QoS) approaches over the Internet and wireless networks are also being studied. Efficient, programmable, and scalable solutions for the realization of multimedia applications in low-power, low-complexity, and distributed wireless mobile devices are being investigated.

Another important focus of the WAVES laboratory is the investigation of new paradigms in source coding and information theory for efficient representation of visual content. Some new approaches include the integration of coding, computer vision, and computer graphics methods.

WAVES Lab, Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, Michigan State University