code and data

CarCrash dataset [Download] [Code]

Car Crash Dataset (CCD) is collected for traffic accident analysis. It contains real traffic accident videos captured by dashcam mounted on driving vehicles, which is critical to developing safety-guaranteed self-driving systems. CCD is distinguished from existing datasets for diversified accident annotations, including environmental attributes (day/night, snowy/rainy/good weather conditions), whether ego-vehicles involved, accident participants, and accident reason descriptions. An overview of our accident annotations is dipicted in the figure.

RIT-18 dataset [Download]

RIT-18 is a novel compositional activity dataset collected by ACTION Lab at RIT containing 18 compositional activity classes. We collected video clips from 51 volleyball games on YouTube. With comprehensive annotations, RIT-18 is a large scale dataset for group activity understanding tasks such as group activity recognition, future activity anticipation, and rally-level winner prediction. The benchmark for these three tasks is provided.

BIT-Interaction dataset [Download]

BIT-Interaction dataset contains 400 videos of human interactions, distributed in 8 interaction classes, including handshake, kick, etc.