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Selected Journal publications:

Materials for Energy Storage Devices

Miao Wang, Xinran Xiao, Xiaosong Huang, Study of Lithium Diffusivity in Amorphous Silicon via Finite Element Analysis, J Power Sources, 307 (2016) 77-85. (link)

Wei Wu, Xinran Xiao, Miao Wang, Xiaosong Huang, A Microstructural Resolved Model for the Stress Analysis of Lithium-Ion Batteries, Journal of The Electrochemical Society, 161,5, (2014), A803-A813.

Wei Wu, Xinran Xiao, Xiaosong Huang, Shutian Yan, A multiphysics model for the in-situ stress analysis of the separator in a lithium-ion battery cell, Computational Materials Science, 83 (2014) 127-136. (link)

Wei Wu, Xinran Xiao, Xiaosong Huang, The Effect of Battery Design Parameters on Heat Generation and Utilization in a Li-Ion Cell, Electrochimica Acta, 83, 2270240, 2012. (link)

Azadeh Sheidaei, Xinran Xiao, Xiaosong Huang, Jonathon Hitt, Mechanical Behavior of a Battery Separator in Electrolyte Solutions, J Power Sources, 196, 8728-34, 2011. (link)

Danghe Shi, Xinran Xiao, Xiaosong Huang, Hamid Kia, Modeling Stresses in the Separators in a Pouch Lithium-Ion Cell, J Power Sources, 196, 8129-39, 2011. (link)

Xinran Xiao, Wei Wu, Xiaosong Huang, A Multi-Scale Approach for the Stress Analysis of Polymeric Separators in a Lithium-Ion Battery, J Power Sources, 195, 7649-60, 2010. (link)

Crashworthiness Modeling of Polymer Composites

Xinran Xiao, Hamid Kia, Xiaojing Gong, Strength Prediction of a Triaxially Braided Composite, Composite: Part A, 42, 1000-1006, 2011. (link)

Xinran Xiao, A Coupled Damage-Plasticity Model For Energy Absorption in Composites, Int. J. Damage mechanics, 19, 2010, 727-751. (link)

Xinran Xiao, Carla Mcgregor, Reza Vaziri, Anoush Poursartip, Progress in Braided Composite Tube Crush Simulation, Int J Impact Engineering, 36, 2009, 711-719. (link)

Xinran Xiao, Mark Botkin, Nancy Johnson, Axial Crush Simulation Of Braided Carbon Tubes Using MAT58 In LS-DYNA, Thin-Walled Structures, 47, 2009, 740-749.

Xinran Xiao, Modeling Energy Absorption With A Damage Mechanics Based Composite Material Model, J Composite Materials, 43, 2009, 427-444.

Carla Mcgregor, Reza Vaziri, Anoush Poursartip, Xinran Xiao, Simulation Of Progressive Damage Development In Braided Composite Tubes Under Axial Compression, Composites Part A, 38, 2007, 2247-2259.

Xinran Xiao, Evaluation of A Composite Damage Constitutive Model for PP Composites, Composite Structures, 79, 2007, 163-173. (link)


Prasad Dasappa, Pearl Lee-Sullivan, Xinran Xiao, Peter Foss, Tensile Creep of a Long-Fibre Glass Mat Thermoplastic (GMT) Composite Part I: Short-term tests, Polymer Composites, 2009, 30, 1146-1157. Part II: Viscoelastic-viscoplastic Constitutive Modeling, Polymer Composites, 30, 2009, 1204-1211.

Xiao X, Modeling Of Load Frequency Effect On Fatigue Of Thermoplastic Composites, J. Composite Materials, 33, 1141-1158, 1999. (link)

Xiao X, C. C. Hiel, A. H. Cardon, Characterization And Modeling Of Nonlinear Viscoelastic Response Of PEEK Resin And PEEK Composite, Composite Engineering, 4, 681-702, 1994. (link)

Xiao X, Studies Of the Viscoelastic Behavior of A Thermoplastic Resin Composite, Composite Science and Technology, 34, 163-182, 1989. (link)

Dynamic Material Testing

Xinran Xiao, On the Measurement of True Fracture Strain of Thermoplastics Materials, Polymer Testing, 27, 2008, 284-295. (link)

Xinran Xiao, Dynamic Tensile Testing of Plastic Materials, Polymer Testing, 27, 2008, 164-178. (link)

Different materials

Yalla Abushawashi, Xinran Xiao, Viktor Astakhov, A Novel Approach For Determining Material Constitutive Parameters For A Wide Range Of Triaxiality Under Plane Strain Loading Conditions, International Journal of Mechanical Sciences, 74(2013)133142.

Xinran Xiao, Ching-Kuo Hsiung, Zhong Zhao, Analysis and Modeling of Flexural Deformation of Laminated Steel, Int J. Mechanical Science, 50, 69-82, 2008. (link)

Xinran Xiao, Peter H. Foss, Jessica A. Schroeder, Stiffness Prediction Of The Double Lap Shear Joint, Part1: Analytical Solution, Int. J. Adhesion and Adhesives, 24, 229-237, 2004. (link)

Xinran Xiao, Peter H. Foss, Jessica A. Schroeder, Stiffness Prediction Of The Double Lap Shear Joint, Part2: Finite Element Modeling, Int. J. Adhesion and Adhesives, 24, 239-246, 2004. (link)

Material Processing

Xiao X, S. V. Hoa, K. N. Street, Processing And Modeling Of Resistance Welding Of APC-2 Composite, J. Composite Materials, 26, 1031-49, 1992. (link)

Xiao X, S. V. Hoa, K.N. Street, Repair Of Thermoplastic Resin Composite By Fusion Bonding, Composite