Dr. Tan and Collaborators Receive ONR Grant on Bio-inspired Underwater Sensing and Control

Dr. Xiaobo Tan is part of an interdisciplinary team that has recently received an ONR grant titled "Bio-inspired Underwater Sensing and Control with Mechanosensitive Hairs." The MSU portion of the grant is $337,000. Other team members include Prof. Derek Paley, project lead, from University of Maryland, College Park,  and Prof. Matt McHenry from University of California, Irvine. The three-year project aims to develop an underwater robotic perception and control system based on the lateral line and vestibular systems in fish. Emerging tools such as functional imaging will be used to help resolve the role of multi-modal sensing in fish behavior, which will offer insight into the robotic system design. Tools from comparative physiology, material science, and dynamical control systems will be applied to solve the problem of closed-loop sensing and robotic control with artificial lateral line and vestibular organs. The role of Tan's group will focus on the design and fabrication of mechanosensitive hair devices based on electroactive polymer materials.