ECE 313 Control Systems, Fall 2004


Prof. Xiaobo Tan, Electrical & Computer Engineering

Office: 3132 Engineering Building. Tel: (517)432-5671

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Office hours: Tuesday (4-5pm), Wednesday & Thursday (3-4pm), or by appointment

Teaching Assistant:

Mr. Gino Maisano. Email:

Time & Place:

Monday, Wednesday & Thursday, 4:10 - 5 pm, 1345 Engineering Building

Text Book:

Norman S. Nise: CONTROL SYSTEMS ENGINEERING (Fourth Edition), John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2004

Additional References:

The following items are reserved in the Engineering Library:

For additional references/information, please follow Links on the course webpage.

Course Outline:

This course covers analysis and design of control systems using frequency domain methods.


Homework is assigned weekly, and will be posted a week before the due date. Homework is due in class. Students are expected to work out homework assignments independently. Solutions will be posted on the web after the due date.


There will be two midterm exams and one final exam.


The final grade is based on homework (20%), midterm 1 (25%), midterm 2 (25%), and final exam (30%).