Irene Xagoraraki, Ph.D.
Professor of Environmental Engineering
Current group:
Irene Xagoraraki, PhD.
Professor of Environmental Engineering
Brijen Miyani, PhD candidate
Liang Zhao, PhD candidate
Maddie Spooner, MS candidate
Zachary Gentry, Undergraduate Research Assistant
PhD Graduates:
Camille McCall, PhD 2020
Dissertation: Viral Genomics of Identification of Signals of Disease in Environmental Samples
Huiyun Wu, PhD 2019
Dissertation: Microbes in Water: Methods to Evaluate Sources, Temporal Variability, and Potential Disease Signals
Evan O'Brien
Evan O’Brien, PhD 2018
Dissertation: Viruses in Water and Wastewater and their Significance to Public Health
Amira Oun, PhD 2016
Dissertation: Microbial Pollution Source Identification in Rural/Urban Mixed Watersheds
Ziqiang Yin
Ziqiang Yin, PhD 2015
Dissertation: Human Adenovirus Removal in Wastewater Treatment and Membrane Process
Mariya Munir, PhD 2014
Dissertation: Metagenomic Insights into Microbial Diversity and Resistance to Antibiotics in Wastewater Treatment Plants
Kelvin Wong, PhD 2010
Dissertation: Detection and Fate of Adenovirus in the Environment
Pin Gao
Pin Gao, PhD 2011 (degree awarded in China)
Dissertation: Antibiotic Resistance Genes in Wastewater Utilities

      Arun Kumar, PostDoc 2010

      Research topic: Risk Assessment of Pharmaceuticals in Water

      Hsion-Wen David Kuo, PostDoc 2008
      Research topic: Fate of Viruses in the Environment

MS graduates:

Joyce Nakyazze, MS 2017
Thesis: Abundance of Viruses in Waters in Southwest Kampala, Uganda

Zhassulan Zvambayev, MS 2013
Thesis: Human Adenovirus Removal by Hollow Fiber Membranes: Effect of Feed Water Composition

Brandon Onan, MS 2013
Thesis: Viral Infectivity in Environmental Samples

Fred Simmons, MS 2010
Thesis: Fate of Enteric Viruses in Advanced and Conventional Wastewater Treatment

Biao Chang, MS 2009
Thesis: Pharmaceuticals in Water: Oxidation Processes and Human Health Impacts

Rebecca Hullman, MS 2009
Thesis: Fate of Pharmaceuticals in Drinking Water Utilities