Irene Xagoraraki, Ph.D.
Professor of Environmental Engineering
Current group:
Irene Xagoraraki, PhD.
Professor of Environmental Engineering
Yabing Li
Yabing Li, PhD, Postdoctoral Researcher
Yangyang Zou
Yangyang Zou, PhD, Postdoctoral researcher
Brijen Miyani, PhD candidate
Liang Zhao, PhD candidate
Maddie Spooner, MS candidate
Zachary Gentry, MS candidate
PhD Graduates:
Camille McCall, PhD 2020
Dissertation: Viral Genomics of Identification of Signals of Disease in Environmental Samples
Huiyun Wu, PhD 2019
Dissertation: Microbes in Water: Methods to Evaluate Sources, Temporal Variability, and Potential Disease Signals
Evan O'Brien
Evan O’Brien, PhD 2018
Dissertation: Viruses in Water and Wastewater and their Significance to Public Health
Amira Oun, PhD 2016
Dissertation: Microbial Pollution Source Identification in Rural/Urban Mixed Watersheds
Ziqiang Yin
Ziqiang Yin, PhD 2015
Dissertation: Human Adenovirus Removal in Wastewater Treatment and Membrane Process
Mariya Munir, PhD 2014
Dissertation: Metagenomic Insights into Microbial Diversity and Resistance to Antibiotics in Wastewater Treatment Plants
Kelvin Wong, PhD 2010
Dissertation: Detection and Fate of Adenovirus in the Environment
Pin Gao
Pin Gao, PhD 2011 (degree awarded in China)
Dissertation: Antibiotic Resistance Genes in Wastewater Utilities

      Arun Kumar, PostDoc 2010

      Research topic: Risk Assessment of Pharmaceuticals in Water

      Hsion-Wen David Kuo, PostDoc 2008
      Research topic: Fate of Viruses in the Environment

MS graduates:

Joyce Nakyazze, MS 2017
Thesis: Abundance of Viruses in Waters in Southwest Kampala, Uganda

Zhassulan Zvambayev, MS 2013
Thesis: Human Adenovirus Removal by Hollow Fiber Membranes: Effect of Feed Water Composition

Brandon Onan, MS 2013
Thesis: Viral Infectivity in Environmental Samples

Fred Simmons, MS 2010
Thesis: Fate of Enteric Viruses in Advanced and Conventional Wastewater Treatment

Biao Chang, MS 2009
Thesis: Pharmaceuticals in Water: Oxidation Processes and Human Health Impacts

Rebecca Hullman, MS 2009
Thesis: Fate of Pharmaceuticals in Drinking Water Utilities