ECE 480: Senior

Design Lab



Phone: 517-355-5225
Fax: 517-353-1980

ECE 480 Lab is a series of lab experiments designed to refresh  lab skills and to prepare students for the capstone design experience.


(Lab syllabus with detailed breakdown of topics)




ECE 480 Lab Downloads:


Lab Experiments:


Lab1 Lab2 Lab3 Lab4 Lab5 Lab6 Lab7



Lab Lecture Videos (or YouTube Channel):


Lab1 Lab2 Lab3 Lab4 Lab5 Lab6 Lab7


ECE 490: Analog

Independent Study



ECE 490-1: Macromodeling of Analog Circuits is a course in macromodel methodolgy, behavior models, parametric analysis, op-amp macromodels and comparator macromodels.




ECE 490-2:  Analog IC Design is a course in the design of bipolar analog integrated circuits. Topics include differential amplifiers, current mirrors, active loads, references, output stages, op-amps, comparators, nonlinear analog ICs and noise.