Tarabara Research Group


Graduates and former postdocs


Former postdocs

2017 Dr. Hang Shi  
2015 - 2016 Dr. Bihter Zeytuncu TÜBITAK Fellow
2015 - 2016 Dr. Samuel Snow  
2012 - 2015 Dr. Andrii Gorobets  
2012 - 2014 Dr. Miguel Herrera-Robledo CONACyT Fellow
2012 - 2014 Dr. Pejman Ahmadiannamini  
2011 Dr. Tao Wang  
2006 - 2008 Dr. Jeonghwan Kim NIRT project
2006 - 2010 Dr. Seokjong Byun NIRT project 2008 - 2010


PhD graduates

2017 Hang Shi
PhD dissertation: Membrane-based concentration and recovery of viruses from complex water matrices
Publications by Hang Shi
2016 Emily N. Tummons
PhD dissertation: Oil droplet behavior at the membrane surface during filtration of oil-water emulsions
Publications by Emily Tummons
2016 Bin Guo
PhD dissertation: Virus removal and inactivation in a photocatalytic membrane reactor: Disinfection mechanisms and effect of water quality
Publications by Bin Guo
2016 Christopher A. Crock
PhD dissertation: Polymer nanocomposite membranes with hierarchically structured catalysts for high throughput dehalogenation
Publications by Chris Crock
2012 Elodie V. Pasco
PhD dissertation: Virus concentration by crossflow membrane filtration: Effect of hydrodynamic conditions and membrane properties
Publications by Elodie Pasco
2010 Wenqian (Wendy) Shan
PhD dissertation: Environmental applications and implications of nanotechnology in membrane based separations for water treatment
Publications by Wenqian Shan
2009 Julian S. Taurozzi
PhD dissertation: Nanoparticle-polymer composite membranes: Synthesis, characterization, and environmental applications
Publications by Julian Taurozzi
2008 Fulin (Alex) Wang
PhD dissertation: Combined fouling of pressure-driven membranes treating feed waters of complex composition
Publications by Fulin Wang


MS graduates

2016 Alex Casabuena
MS project: Virus removal in a membrane bioreactor: Submerged versus sidestream configurations
2016 Charifa Ale Hejase
MS project: Membrane filtration of high salinity oil-in-water dispersions
2015 Claudio M. Calderon
MS project: Salt rejection by nanofiltration membranes treating saline oil-water emulsions
2015 Brian J. Starr
MS thesis: Photocatalytic membranes for virus inactivation
2013 Hao Xu
MS project: Polyelectrolyte-nanoparticle composite nanofiltration membranes
2012 Adam R. Rogensues
MS thesis: Nanomaterial-enabled membranes for water treatment
2012 Christopher A. Crock
MS thesis: Polymer nanocomposite materials with hierarchical fillers as a conceptual framework for the design of multifunctional membranes
2012 Bin Guo
MS project: Hybrid UV-microfiltration process for virus removal and inactivation