Tarabara Research Group


Current projects


Collaborative Research: IRES Track I: Materials based innovations for sustainable water treatment and reuse
Funding: U.S. NSF, Office of International Science and Engineering
Award abstract
Role: PI
PI at the partner U.S. University: Dr. Samuel Snow (LSU)
International Partners: University of MontpellierEuropean Institute of Membranes
Membrane processes for the next decade's challenges in the water sector
Funding: The Research Council of Norway
Role: International collaborator
PI: Dr. Harsha Ratnaweera (Norwegian University of Life Sciences)
Project website
Line 5: Oil spill detection, remediation, and risk perceptions in winter conditions
Funding: Michigan Applied Public Policy Research (MAPPR) program, Institute for Public Policy and Social Research
Role: Co-PI
PI: Dr. Grant Gunn (Geography, MSU); Co-PIs: Dr. Douglas Bessette (Community Sustainability, MSU), Dr. Robert Richardson (Community Sustainability, MSU), Dr. Michelle Rutty (Community Sustainability, MSU)


Other projects with our participation


Oil spills under ice: Challenges and solutions (working group)
Funding: Cooperative Institute for Great Lakes Research (CIGLR)
Role: Member of the steering committee
REU: Cross-disciplinary training in sustainable chemistry and chemical processes
Funding: NSF REU (Research Experience for Undergraduates) program
Role: Faculty mentor
PI: Dr. Greg Swain (Department of Chemistry, MSU)
Project website
Water Harmony: Closing the water cycle gap with harmonised actions for sustainable management of water resources
Funding: The Joint Programming Initiative Water challenges for a changing world. Water JPI 2019-2021
Role: International collaborator
PI: Dr. Harsha Ratnaweera (Norwegian University of Life Sciences)
Project website
Erasmus Mundus Master in Membrane Engineering for a Sustainable World (EM3E-4SW)
Funding: European Commission
Role: International collaborator
PI: Dr. Andre Ayral (University of Montpellier, European Institute of Membranes)