Pyrgos Tinos, Greece

Pyrgos is the largest of the vilages at the north end of the island of Tinos, in the Cyclades. Other villages that together with Pyrgos constitute the municipality of Panormos are Marlas, Mamados, Platia, Vernardados, Panormos and Rohari.

The northern part of Tinos, called Exo Meri, besides its simple beauty and its interesting and friendly people, has been the home of a centuries old tradition on fine arts. Work on marble is the main occupation of a large number of its residents. Their work ranges from excavating to cutting and polishing, to sculpture, instruction for new artists and restoration of antiquities.

main square

The main square of the village, with an ancient sycamore tree.  The  social life of the village is centered here.


In Pyrgos there is a Police station, a Post Office (where one can cash a Travelers Check), the Town hall and the home of the Telephone Company.

Hotels and Rooms to let

There is a number of rooms to let and pension houses. They are:

In Pyrgos:
Owner Telephone number


Stella Anagnou 283-31341
Vangelis Vassilakis 283-31186
Margarita Karagiorgi 283- 31470
Markos Mavromaras 283-31404
Mihalis Saltamanikas 283-31554, 31400, 31493
Antonis Tzes 283-31681
Maria Theotikou 283-31082 and 283-31423


In Panormos
Giannis Vassiles 283-31731
Maria Theotikou 283-31257
Stamata Kagiorgi 283-31493, 31701
Eleni Karamali 283-31694
Theodora Kilki 283-31247, 31476
Alekos Palamaris 283-31477, 31696
Fedra Papandreopoulou 283-31211
Lamprini Syleou 283-31207
Dimitris Hatzis 283-31363



Here is a picture of a kite flying over Panormos, with the small island of Planitis. There is a beach in Panormos and others to the right (south) and left (north) of it.
planitis and kite

On Panormos there is a sandy beach, called Stafida, where you can swim without having to walk more than a few meters.

If you want to have more privacy, you can walk to the left as you face the sea (north).  The next beach has nice pebbles rather than sand and it is called Volia.

Further north, after another 5-7 min walk, you will find a small sandy beach called Ayia Thalassa, perhaps the beach most protected  from the northern wind.

Even further north, following the sea shore, there is yet another sandy beach, Kavalourko, with old trees to give you shade and protect you from the wind. From there you can swim to the little island of Planitis, or, if the sea is calm, walk to it.

If you would like to drive or walk to a sandy beach, you can continue driving to the south of Panormos, past the harbor, along the beach, to Rohari. When the wind is from the south, the sea there is very calm and very enjoyable.  With a north wind, this is an ideal beach for windsurfing.

Restaurants, coffee shops  and bars

There are restaurants, coffee shops and bars in Pyrgos, Panormos and Marlas.

In Pyrgos, at the main square there are two coffee shops, where you can have from a drink (try the local strofilia, similar to ouzo) to a desert (try galactompoureko, a custard-filled pastry) to a light meal.

At the entrance of the village there is a restaurant, Irene's, with homemade and affordable food.

In the village, on the road to Panormos, there is Vinia, an upscale restaurant, open during the summer. Next to it there is a bar, Soulatso, open late into the night.

In Panormos there are two or three bars and restaurants that serve local specialties, and fresh fish.

Fine Arts

There are in the town many marble workshops.  Working on Marble has been a tradition in Exo Meri for centuries, and most famous Greek sculptors have come from Tinos.  In Pyrgos there is a school of fine Arts, preparatory to the Fine Arts school in Athens.  Many of the inhabitants of Pyrgos and the nearby villages work on all aspects of marble, from quarries to marble processing, the decoration of buildings, streets, churches and  homes, to  artistic creations.

Some of the workshops in town belong to:

Besides the various marble workers' shops there is a blacksmith's shop, world renowned for the traditional tools for marble sculptors.


In town there are two grocery stores, a bakery, two gift shops with local art, and a Kiosk that has newspapers.

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