Tinos -Τήνος

Tinos is a small Greek island in the Cyclades, in the Agean Sea.


Here is a map of the Cyclades. Tinos is painted in red


And here is a slightly more detailed map of Tinos. Here is a site with a larger map




Here you will find my page on the northernmost region of Tinos, Called Exo Meri (Έξω Μέρη)
and the community of Pyrgos/Panormos.

Some web sites about the island:

The Page of the Rigos Family. An interesting family from Isternia

A detailed page about the island. Since there are many dovecotes there, there is a conference on pigeons!

The Hellas On Line page

The vacation.net.gr page

The United.com page - lots of details

The infoxenios page

The Dilos page

The greekislands page

Here is a place in Swedish about Tinos

The official government page of the Cyclades region

The Archaeological Museum in Tinos


Here are all the museums in the Cyclades

There are also a few  interesting places about marble sculptors and other artists on the island:

A page of two sculptors Petros Dellatolas and Annette Fougnies

A page about contemporary Tinian artists

Tinos has a lot of white and green marble. It's used by sculptors and architects.

A page about the green marble on Tinos

And here are sites of interest to hikers.

A page about Trekking on the Cyclades

Walking and biking

Boat connections to Tinos

Hydro foils

Ferry boats

Tinos is a Holy Island - to many religions

Serpent ritual!

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