Renewable Energy Project Feasibility Screening
Fact Sheet
Literature Review
2013 Forum on Anaerobic Digester Production of Energy: New Opportunities for Projects in Michigan

Anaerobic Digestion Development Iterative Tool



Combustion Renewable Energy Development Iterative Tool


Michigan Waste Biomass Inventory to Support Renewable Energy Development


Technical Appendix

Biogas Assay Protocol

Biogas Assay Abbreviated Protocol

Impact of Additives

Energy Spreadsheet

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Screening Analysis Protocol

(Excel Spreadsheet)

Anaerobic Digestion Processes in Bioremediation and Sustainability: Research and Applications (Safferman et al.)
Screening Co-digestion of Food Waste Water with Manure for Biogas Production (Liu et al.)
Reconstitution of Dewatered Food Processing Residuals with Manure to Increase Energy Production from Anaerobic Digestion (Wall et al.)
Anaerobic membrane bioreactors and the influence of space velocity and biomass concentration on methane production for liquid dairy manure (Wallace and Safferman)
Electricity Purchase Agreements and Distributed Energy Policies for Aerobic Digesters (Binkley et al.)
Cow Manure: Waste or Resource? (Safferman and Wallace)