Subir Biswas





   Ph.D., University of Cambridge

   M.S.,  Jadavpur University

   B.S.,  Jadavpur University


Professional Experience

    Professor, ECE, Michigan State University, 2011-present

    Associate Professor, ECE, Michigan State University, 2003-2010

    Principal Architect, Startup, Tellium Optical Systems, 2000-2003   

    Research Staff Member, NEC Research Institute, 1995-2000

    Network Research Scientist, AT&T Laboratories, Cambridge, 1992-1994

    Research Scientist, Center for VLSI Research, Jadavpur University, 1987-1990


Research Interests

Systems and Algorithms for Traffic Analysis based Firewalls

Pricing Calculus for Routing and Caching in Social Wireless DTN Networks

Packet-less Pulse based Protocols for Low-energy Green Networking

Through-Substrate Sensor Networking using Ultrasonic Links

Metabolic Energy Management using Wearable Sensors

Contact-less Vital Sign Monitoring using Ultrasound

Content based Protocols for Connected Vehicles


Contact Information

     Subir Biswas, Ph.D.

     2120 Engineering Building

     Michigan State University

     East Lansing, MI 48824

     517 325 3372

     517 432 4614

    Personal work on nature photography:




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