Fathi M. Salem

Email: salem@egr.msu.edu

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Michigan State University

(517) 355-7695


Ph.D. Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences, University of California, Berkeley (1983)

M.A. Mathematics, University of California, Berkeley (1983)--concurent

M.S. Electrical & Computer Engineering, University of California, Davis (1979)

B.S. Electrical Engineering, University of California, Berkeley (1976)



1991 - Present

            Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering, Michigan State University.

Jan - Aug 1992

            Visiting Professor (on sabbatical leave), Computation and Neural Systems,

            California Institute of Technology.


            Associate Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering, Michigan State University.


            Assistant Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering, Michigan State University.


            Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical and System Engineering, Drexel University.

Jan - June 1983

            Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering, University of California, Berkeley.


Recipient of the CAS Darlington Award (for best IEEE CAS Transactions paper bridging the gap between theory and applications), May 2001.

Recipient of the IEEE Third Millennium Medal (2000)

Recipient of the Semiconductor Research Council (SRC) Copper Design Finalist Award (2000)

Recipient of the IEEE Circuits and Systems (CAS) Society Golden Jubilee Medal (1999)

Elected Fellow, IEEE, 1996 (for the contributions to the development of tools for the analysis and design of nonlinear circuits and systems).

Certificate of Appreciation, Engineering Foundation, 1988.



Associate Editor, IEEE transactions on Circuits and Systems (CAS), 1985-1987, 1999-2001; Journal of Circuits, Systems, and Computers; World Scientific Publishing Co., Inc., publisher, 1989-; IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks, Jan. 1990-Dec. 1991; Neural Processing Letters, 1999-

Guest Editor, Special Issues in IEEE-CAS on chaos and bifurcations in circuits and systems, July 1988 (with T. Matsumoto); Journal of Computer and Electrical Engineering on Hardware with learning on neural and Fuzzy systems, 1999; Journal on Circuits, Systems, and Computers, on Digital and Analog Arrays, June 1999.

Conference Chairman, The Engineering Foundation Conference on Qualitative Methods for Nonlinear Dynamics, June 1986; The 2000 IEEE 43rd Midwest Symposium on Circuits and Systems (2000).

CAS Distinguished Lecturer, 1998-2000.

Publication Chairman: International Joint Conference on Neural Networks (IJCNN’92), Baltimore, MD, June 1992.

Chair: Technical Committee on Real-time Control Computing and Signal Processing, IEEE Control Systems Society, 1994-1996; Technical Committee on Neural Systems and Applications, IEEE Circuits and Systems Society, 1997-98.

Keynote Speaker: Midwest Symposium on Circuits and Systems, August 1988.

Board Member: CAS Represtative on the Neural Network Council, 1998-1999.

Vice President of Technical Activities, Neural Networks Council (1999-2001).


"A New Neural Network Architecture For Programmable All-MOS VLSI implementation," Michigan State University, Patent No. 4,961,005, Issued in October, 1990;

"Analog Continuous-time MOS Vector Multiplier Circuit and Programmable MOS Realization For Feedback Neural Networks," Michigan State University, Patent No. 5,305,250, issued April 19, 1994 (with Dr. Ismail of Ohio State University);

"Modular Feedforward Neural Network Architecture with Learning," Michigan State University, Patent No. 5,689,621, issued November 18, 1997 (with H. J. Oh);

"Continuously Adaptive System for Signal Separation and Recovery," IC Tech, Inc., Provisional Patent Issued (with G. Erten of IC Tech, Inc.);

"Wall-Mounted Sensor for Measurement of Flow Rate and Cumulative Flow Ducts," Michigan State University, Patent issued, (with G. Brereton, H. Schock, R. Gosh).



Ten Example Publications:

F. Salam, Y. Wang, and G. Erten, "Analog Dendro-dendritic Arrays with Digital on-chip Learning," Special Issue on Digital and Analog Arrays, Inter. Journal of Circuits, Systems, and computers, November, 1999.

G. Erten and F. Salam, "Real-time Realization of Early Visual Perception," Inter. Journal of Computers and Electrical Engineering, Special Issue on Micro-electronic Hardware Implementation of Soft Computing: Neural and Fuzzy networks with Learning, Vol. 4-2/3, 1999.

F. Salam, H-J. Oh, "Design of a Temporal Learning Chip for Signal Generation and Classification," Analog Integrated Circuits And Signal Processing, Int. journal, Kluwer Academic Publishers, February 1999, pp. 229-242.

A. Gharbi and F. M. Salam, "Implementation and Experimental Results of a Chip for The Separation of Mixed and Filtered Signals," International Journal of Circuits, Systems, and Computers, vol. 6(2) April 1996, pp. 115-138.

F. Salam and H-J Oh, "Real-time Tracking Control Using Modular Neural Chips with On-Chip Learning," Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Neural Networks, pp. 914-919, Washington, DC, June 1996.

F. Salam, C. Piwek, G. Erten, T. Grotjohn, and J. Asmussen, "Modeling of a Plasma Processing Machine for Semiconductor Wafer Etching Using Energy-Functions-Based Neural Networks," IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology, Vol. 5, No. 6, November 1997, pp. 598-613.

F. M. Salam, Y. Wang, and R.Y. Choi, "On The Analysis and Design of Neural Nets," IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems, vol. CAS-38, no. 2, February 1991, pp. 196-201.

F. M. Salam, S. A. Van Gils and Z. Zhi-fen, "Global Bifurcation Analysis of An Adaptive Control System," Journal on Differential and Integral Equations, Vol. 4, No. 6, November 1991, pp. 1353-1374.

F. M. Salam and S. Bai, "Complicated Dynamics of a Prototype Continuous-Time Adaptive Control System," IEEE Trans. on Circuits and Systems, Vol. CAS-35, July 1, 1988.

F. M. Salam, "The Melnikov Technique For Highly Dissipative Systems," SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics, Vol. 47, No. 2, April 1987.



N. S. Hammadi (Fulbright Scholar)-- 1999

A. Fayaz (Visiting Professor)--  1998-1999


Ph.D.: Choong Sup Yoon (’89), Shi Bai(’89), Shixiong Guo(’90), Myung-Ryul Choi(’90), Yiwen Wang(’91), Magbool Ahmad (’92), Bo Ling(’93), Saida Benromdhane(’96), Hwa-Joon Oh(’96), Ammar Gharbi(’96), Jiansheng Hou(’97), Khurram Waheed (2003).

Numerous M.S. and Undergrad students' thesis and reports.