Ed Rothwell's NDB Log
Updated June 12, 2009

Where am I?

I've logged all the stations listed below in my house in Williamston, MI, which is about 15 miles east of Lansing.

What's my equipment?

I use an AOR 3000A receiver along with a discone antenna.

How do I ID a station?

I don't log a station unless I'm sure I've heard it. I use the AirNAV website or other reliable lists to determine the station call sign and location. Occasionally I'll use NOAA approach charts.

My station log

Here are all the stations I've logged over the past several years. You'll find other people on the web who have much more extensive listings, but it's my hope that this list gives you an idea of what can be heard from my area of the country using less than optimal equipment. I use the old "SINPO" code to register the reception conditions on a scale of 0=bad to 5=good. Here S=signal strength, I=interference, N=noise, P=propagation, O=overall.

Click here to see my log.

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