Ph.D. Students

  1. Michael Blischke, "Broadband Analysis of Radiating, Receiving, and Scattering Characteristics of Microstrip Antennas and Arrays," August 1989, co-advisor with K.M. Chen
  2. John E. Ross, "Application of Transient Electromagnetic Fields to Radar Target Discrimination," August 1992.
  3. Ponniah Ilavarasan, "Automated Radar Target Discrimination Using E-pulses and S-pulses," August 1992, co-advisor with K.M. Chen.
  4. Qing Li, "Radar Target Discrimination Using Early-time Responses," August 1995, co-advisor with K.M. Chen.
  5. C.Y. Tsai, "Radar Target Discrimination Using Neural Networks," August 1995, co-advisor with K.M. Chen.
  6. Ying-Chen Dai, "Time-domain Imaging of Radar Targets Using Ultra-Wideband or Short Pulse Radars," August 1997, co-advisor with K.M. Chen
  7. Glen Wallinga, "Application of E-pulse and Cepstral Analysis to Radar Target Detection and Discrimination," August 1997.
  8. Ahmet Kizilay, "A Perturbation Method for Transient Multipath Analysis of Electromagnetic Scattering from Targets above Periodic Surfaces," August 2000.
  9. Jung-Wook Suk, "Transient Analysis of Plane-Wave Scattering in a Layered Medium," December 2000.
  10. Chi-Wei Wu, "Coupling between Cavity-Backed Antennas on an Elliptic Cylinder," December 2001, co-advisor with Leo Kempel.
  11. Christopher Coleman, "Self-Structuring Antennas," May 2002
  12. Jong Chan Oh, "Natural Resonance Representation of the Transient Filed Reflected by a Planar Layered Lossy Dielectric," December 2002.
  13. Derick Love, “A Mode-Matching Approach to Determine the Shielding Effectiveness of a Doubly-Periodic Array of Apertures in a Thick Conducting Screen,” December 2004.
  14. Brad Perry, “Natural Resonance Representation of the Transient Field Reflected from a Multi-layered Material,” August 2005.
  15. Gary Dester, “Electromagnetic Material Characterization of a Conductor-backed Material Using the Two Layer, Two Thickness, and Two Iris Waveguide Probe Methods: Error Analysis, Simulation, and Experimental Results,” August 2008.
  16. Raenita Fenner, “Error Analysis of Reflection-Only Material Characterization Methods,” May 2011.
  17. Raoul Ouedraogo, “Topology Optimization of Metamaterials and Their Applications to RF Component Design,” August 2011.
  18. Benjamin Crowgey, “Rectangular Waveguide Material Characterization: Anisotropic Property Extraction and Measurement Validation,” December 2013.
  19. Junyan Tang, “Characterization of Anisotropic Materials Using a Partially Filled Rectangular Waveguide,” May 2015.
  20. Andrew Temme, expected graduation August 2015.
  21. Korede Oladimeji, expected graduation August 2015.
  22. Jonathan Frasch, expected graduation May 2017.

M.S. Thesis Students

  1. Stephen Reichel, "A Time Domain Bistatic Inverse Scattering Identity Using Physical Optics Approximation," October 1994. M.S., MSU; Studienarbeit, University of Kaiserslautern
  2. Christoph Ohl, "Target Discrimination using the Extinction-Pulse Technique and Wavelet Transforms with Cepstral Analysis," October 1997. M.S., MSU; Studienarbeit, University of Kaiserslautern
  3. Mirko Schacht, "Radar Target Identification of Hidden Objects using Direct Time Domain Measurements," January 1999. M.S., MSU; Diplomarbeit, University of Kaiserslautern
  4. Christopher Coleman, "Analysis of Daimler-Chrysler/CISPR 25 Radiated Emission Testing setup for modules," July 1999.
  5. Matthew Feusse, "Modeling Conducted Emission Transients due to DC Motor Switching in Automotive Applications," May 2001, co-advisor with Dennis Nyquist.
  6. Garrett Stenholm, "Nondestructive Evaluation of Layered Materials using the E-pulse Technique," May 2002.
  7. Brad Perry, "A Self-Structuring Antenna Prototype," May 2002.
  8. Heike Vollmer, "Natural Mode Analysis of the Early-Time Response of a Dielectric Coated Cylinder," May 2003.
  9. Michael Markey, "Comparison of Measurement to Simulation for an antenna on a vehicle," May 2003, co-advisor with Leo Kempel.
  10. Jason Meeussen, “Error analysis of material characterization using a waveguide applicator,” May 2004.
  11. Lanwu Zhao, “Analysis and Synthesis of Broadband Travelling Wave Antennas,” August 2004.
  12. Jonathan Wierzba, “Scattering from a Coated Curved Surface of Varying Thickness with Application to Nondestructive Evaluation,” May 2005.
  13. Joachim Jessberger, “Investigation of the Near-Field Propoerties of the Self-Structuring Antenna,” October 2005.
  14. Steve Cossmann, “Transient Reflection of Plane Waves from a Lorentz-Medium Half-Space,” May 2006, co-advisor with Leo Kempel.
  15. Timm Zwietasch, "Transient Reflection of Plane Waves from a Plasma Half-Space,” November 2006.
  16. Raenita Fenner, "Bandwidth Extension of a Body Worn Antenna Vest," August 2007.
  17. Lynn Greetis, “A Self-Structuring Patch Antenna,” May 2008.
  18. Raoul Ouatagom Ouedraogo, "A Self-Tuning Electromagnetic Shutter,” August 2008.
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