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12/6/17: Chris defends his PhD.  Congratulations Dr. Traverse!

11/29/17: Our newest startup (GlowShop) wins the Hatching Finale pitch competition.  Congratulations!

10/23/17: Chris’s paper on highly transparent photovoltaics is published in Nature Energy.  Congratulations!

9/12/17: Lili’s paper on halide perovskite epitaxy is published in Advanced Materials Interfaces and selected for the inside cover. Congratulations!


10/23/17: Chris’s paper on organic salt anions is accepted in Scientific Reports.  Congratulations!   

9/20/17: Dianyi’s paper on aqueous precursors for high efficiency perovskite solar cells is accepted in Advanced Science.  Congratulations! 

3/18/17: Dr. Lunt honored for his service to student organizations at the Engineering Awards Luncheon! 

8/9/17: Alex Renny defends his Masters thesis.  Congratulations!

8/8/17: Peggy defends her PhD.  Congratulations Dr. Young!

7/13/17: Our collaboration on NIR absorbing composite perovskite photodetectors accepted in Advanced Functional Materials.  Congratulations!

6/27/17: Matt’s paper on organic salt photovoltaics is Featured on the Cover of Sustainable Energy & Fuels.  Congratulations!

4/18/17: Dr. Lunt awarded the Outstanding Faculty Award by the MSU Senior Class Council!

3/30/17:  Margaret Young awarded the second place Fitch Beach Award from the College of Engineering.  Congratulations!  

3/7/17: The MOE Lab is featured on the BIG 10 Network!

11/15/16: MSU listed as one of the Top 3 Energy Engineering schools in the country by New Engineer!


7/1/16: Yimu’s article on Transparent Solar Concentrators continues to be Most Accessed article in Advanced Optical Materials for 2015 and 2016-2017.


12/6/16: Zach Smith joins the MOE Lab.  Welcome aboard!

12/6/16: Pei’s paper on the homoepitaxy of metal halide crystals is published in Scientific Reports.  Congratulations!

11/28/16: Chenchen’s paper on the limits of visibly transparent LSCs is accepted in Advanced Optical Materials.  Congratulations!

10/15/16: Matthew Bates joins the MOE Lab.  Welcome aboard!

9/8/16: Pei’s paper on Edge-Nucleation Driven Hetero-Quasiepitaxial Growth of Organic Multilayer Films is featured on the Front Cover of Advanced Materials Interfaces!  Congratulations!

7/26/16: Dr. Lunt named the Johansen Crosby Endowed Associate Professor

8/21/16: Dhanashree’s paper on air stable lead-free CsSnBr3 perovskite solar cells is published in Nano Energy.  Congratulations!

8/21/16: Lili’s paper on Alkali Halide Interface Addititives in Halide Perovskite Photovoltiacs is published in ACS Materials & Interfaces.  Congratulations!

7/21/16: Peggy’s paper on Organic photovoltaics with Near-Infrared Photoresponse up to 1600 nm  in Advanced Optical Materials selected for the Frontispiece !  Congratulations!

7/1/16: Dr. Lunt promoted to Associate Professor with Tenure!

5/23/16: Dr. Dianyi Liu and Nathan Maise join the MOE Lab.  Welcome aboard!

5/18/16: Dr. Lunt Invited to the National Academy of Engineering,  2016 US Frontiers of Engineering Symposium.  

5/13/16: Dr. Lunt Recognized during Spring Commencement with the Withrow Distinguished Junior Faculty Award

5/1/16: Energy Minor @MSU is now available for F16

1/13/16: Paddy’s paper on Phosphorescent Nanoclusters LEDs featured on Frontispiece in Advanced Materials!  Congratulations!

1/1/16:  Dr. Lunt recognized with the 2016 MSU Teacher Scholar Award

1/1/16:  Alex Renny joins the MOE Lab.  Welcome aboard!

12/18/15:  Joe Hagerty Graduates.  Congratulations! 

12/17/15:  Dr. Lunt Featured on MSU Today on light sabers!



11/12/15:  Dr. Lunt Gives Keynote at the BMW Welcomes series on Smart Materials

10/9/15:  Our research is highlighted by NSF in Science Nation



10/9/15:  Chenchen Yang joins the MOE Lab.  Welcome aboard!

10/5/15:  John’s paper on Organic Salts for Deep NIR Photovoltaics Approaching the Excitonic Voltage Limit  is published in Advanced Energy Materials.  Congratulations!

8/18/15:  Dr. Lunt is recognized by the Technology Review as one of this year’s Top Innovators Under 35

8/15/15:  Dr. Lunt is awarded the American Physical Society’s Ovshinksy Sustainable Energy Fellowship.

 American Physical Society


 8/3/15:  Yimu Zhao defends her thesis. Congratulations Dr. Zhao! 


 7/1/15:  Dr. Lunt gives invited talk on Organic Epitaxy at 2015 Gordon Conference:  Crystal Growth & Assembly. 

6/1/15:  Dr. Lily Wang joins the MOE Lab.  Welcome aboard!

5/1/15:  John Suddard and Juan Mena Lapaix Graduate.  Congratulations!  

4/16/15: Dr. Lunt awarded Faculty Mentor of the Year Award.


4/7/15: Paddy presents at Spring MRS on Nanocluster LEDs. 

4/1/15: John Suddard awarded an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship.   Congratulations! 

3/1/15: Dr Lunt and Yimu Zhao featured in the “Spartans Will” commercial



3/23/15: The MOE Lab and Ubiquitous Energy Inc. are highlighted in Bloomberg News


3/20/15: Dr. Lunt gives Centennial Series Seminar at University of Delaware. 

2/21/15: The MOE Lab is featured on Innovation Nation CBS Sunday Mornings with Mo Rocca (Ep. 15)

2/1/15:  Yimu’s article selected for the Best of Advanced Optical Materials - 2014 Edition.  Congrats!

1/1/15: Tyler Patrick and Natalia Chamorro, join the MOE Lab.  Welcome aboard!

12/15/14:  Yunhua Ding defends her thesis! Congratulations Yunhua!

12/1/14:  Dr. Lunt honored at the MSU Innovation Celebration with the Innovation of the Year Award!


11/5/14:  Dr. Lunt named a 2014 Camille and Henry Dreyfus Environmental Chemistry Mentor (details)

11/1/14: Yimu’s paper is most downloaded article (Nov., Dec., Jan.) in Adv. Opt. Mat.  Congrats!

9/2/14:  Dr. Lunt featured on NPRs Current State (audio link) and front of the Lansing State Journal

9/1/14:  The MOE Lab is awarded SBIR Phase II Award in collaboration with Ubiquitous Energy Inc.


8/25/14: Book on  Organic Solar Cells: Fundamentals, Devices, and Upscaling, now available   (see Ch. 2) 

8/1/14: Dr. Lunt helps to organize the 2014 AVS Symposium held at MSU on August 25th (flyer).  Schedule: http://wwwdev.egr.msu.edu/avs2014/

7/16/14: Yimu’s work on Transparent Luminescent Solar Concentrators is highlighted on the cover of the July Issue of Adv. Opt. Mat.  and in MSU Today (Top 3 Most Liked Stories Ever), and other media outlets in over 60 countries .   Congrats!

Thumbnail image of graphical abstract

8/1/14: Dr. Rossero joins the Hamann and MOE labs.  Welcome! 

7/9/14: MOE Lab Partners with BASF!

5/21/14: Chris’s work on the ZnS n-type buffer layers is published in JAP.  Congrats!

5/7/14: Yimus’s work on Near-Infrared Harvesting Transparent Luminescent Solar Concentrators is published in Adv. Opt. Mat.  Congrats!

4/1/14: Peggy Young wins NSF GRF Honorable Mention.  Congratulations! 

3/21/14: John Suddard is named a 2014 Goldwater Scholar!  Congratulations!

3/20/14: Dr. Moghe joins the MOE Lab. Welcome!

3/4/14:  Yimu and Peggy present at the March 2014 APS Meeting. 



12/9/13:  Dr. Lunt gives invited talk at Energy Materials Nanotechnology (EMN) Fall Meeting. 

11/6/13:  Chris presents his work at AIChE; Dr. Lunt Chairs Session.

10/24/13: Yimu wins second Prize  for the Blue/Green  Poster.  Congratulations!  

10/2/13: Dr. Lunt gives an Invited Talk at SciX on Nanostructured PVs. 

9/30/13:  Pei Chen,  and Yunhua Ding join the MOE Lab.  Welcome aboard!

9/1/13:  Kevin Chase and Brian Wingate join the MOE Lab.  Welcome aboard!

9/11/13: Peggy’s work on the angle dependence of transparent PVs is published in APL

9/1/13:  Dr. Lunt awarded DOE BES grant








9/10/13:  Yimu’s work on Solar Concentrators highlight on Back Cover of Adv. Energy Mat.!



Link to full-size graphical abstract



7/24/13:  Outreach efforts highlighted in the State News




6/18/13:  Dr. Lunt and UE Inc. awarded NSF STTR grant.


5/20/13: Dr. Lunt receives DuPont Young Professor Award



3/23/13: Yimu, Sean, and Dr. Lunt present at APS!


3/19/13:  Yimu’s work on Solar Concentrators is published in Adv. Energy Materials.   Congrats! 





3/19, 3/21 Dr. Lunt chairs Organic Electronics and Photonics sessions at APS



1/1/13:  Dr. Lunt receives NSF CAREER Award




1/1/13:  Paddy joins the MOE Lab.  Welcome aboard!

12/12:  Our work on transparent solar cells in featured in Conservation Magazine


12/6/12: APS Sorters Meeting: Dr. Lunt is lead organizer for the Organic Electronics and Photonics session for the March 2013 APS Meeting


10/3/12:  Article on Transparent Photolvoltaics is highlighted in the special edition (50th Anniversary) of Applied Physics Letters’ “Editor’s Picks”, as one of the most notable APL articles published in recent years



1/12: Nanostructured PV article is one of the Top 10 most accessed articles in Adv. Mat.  11/2011-1/2012.


5/5/12: Paper PV article is already one of Top 15 most accessed articles in Adv. Mat. For 2010-2011 and 2011-2012.


8/16/11: Paper PV work selected for frontispiece in Adv. Mat.




6/1/11: Transparent solar cell article in APL is Most Downloaded Article in April, Top 20: May-August.


4/21/11: Research on Transparent PV is highlighted on the MSU webpage, Nature, NY Times, MSNBC, and CBS




 Art of Science work highlighted in ICEL 2010 in Ann Arbor, MI

(top) Organic crystalline “wheat”

(bottom) Molecular solar cells

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