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2011-2021 Richard Lunt, MSU

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Research Projects:

In the MOE lab, we focus on excitonic and nanostructured materials relevant in four thrust areas: 1) energy production, 2) energy storage, 3) energy utilization, and 4) therapeutics. This research program accordingly requires a highly interdisciplinary approach bridging material science, chemistry, chemical engineering, electrical engineering and physics.

Research projects include:

1. Transparent Solar Cells and Transparent Solar Concentrators

2. Nanostructured Materials Synthesis for Therapeutics and Theranostics

3. Reactive Vapor Phase Deposition and Halide Perovskite Epitaxy

4. Organic, Nanocluster, Organic Salt, Quantum Dot, and Perovskite Photovoltaics

5. Organic and Nanocluster Light Emitting Diodes

6. Exciton Diffusion

7. Molecular Dynamics Simulations of VPD


8. Thin Film Energy Storage

9. Renewable Energy Technology Testing and Deployment (SPARTA)