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Looking For Antennas, Or The Curse Of Aerialitis

While taking a ride with the family the other day I noticed that people in the car were gazing and commenting at the different things they saw. Particularly interesting was the fact that they didn't notice any of the things that I did. My XYL would seem to be spotting out all of the homes with beautiful flowers,and well manicured lawns or nice windows. The kids were captivated by all the fancy cars or fast motorcycles. Yet I was seeing things quite differently. Ever since I was a young pup playing with crystal sets I've been stringing wire up in the trees. So it only came natural that I would be looking skyward to other hams “ Antenna Farms” , wondering if their skyhooks were playing better than my own. I've begun to realize that this is not the NORMAL human behavior. I've come to realize that it's more than just a passion. More than just a fancy. Upon careful self examination I finally accepted the truth about my affliction. I had Aerialitis. The first symptoms were easy enough to pass off as circumstance. Things like walking off the end of the side walk because my eyes were focused up on a roof top. Or riding my bicycle into the curb due to my attention captivated by a piece of aluminum stretching toward the sky waiting to grab some rare DX. But as time went by, I soon became aware just how serious the disease had progressed. In the dead of winter I would find myself outside at 10 below zero,without a coat on, just to get a glimpse of the beauty of glimmering morning sunlight as it reflects off a snow covered tri-bander. Ahhh Yes ! The advanced stages of the illness are even worse. I would have to pull over in the middle of a trip somewhere just to see a better view of another hams aerial apparatus. Not to terrible if your out in the country, but when pulled over on interstate 75 , while driving by the Voice Of America antenna farm, just try explaining that to the Ohio Highway Patrol ! They had a very hard time understanding why I would just stand there in awe of the giant stratospheric spider webs, oblivious to the traffic going by. They instructed me to "please return to my vehicle" and sped off in a terrific hurry. I think they realized I had the disease and didn't want to catch it themselves. More advanced symptoms of the affliction can be recognized by desire to go up to a perfect stranger’s house and knock on the door to inquire

about the possibility of going into the back yard to have a better look at their antennas. Sometimes this is an advantage, in that I’ve been fortunate to have met some others with the same dreaded illness, and good friendships have been made. However, some folks do not take kindly to this and don't wish to "Be Exposed". Can't say as I blame them. Nobody wants to be exposed to a disease that has no cure. The only relief that I have found for the symptoms are going into the "shack" , turning on the rig , and pounding some brass. This only provides temporary relief however, and soon the same old symptoms are back. So there you have it. This is my story, sad but true. If you should happen to see me sometime walking around with my eyes up to the heavens, just a word to the wise. It's extremely contagious. So be careful or you may contract it too. Maybe someday they will find a cure. I sure hope not !!!!

73 Gregg WB8LZG