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Here's how they're made: 
First, a block is selected and strips are cut from it, with the grain.

Second, the strips are sanded smooth, and shapes are traced for the jigsaw.

Third, the shapes are finish sanded on a belt sander, and then hand sanded to fine finish for varnishing.

Next, the finish coat:

Ready for your key !

Builder, Homebrewer, Experimenter, & Low Power Enthusiast.  MIQRP Member #1504,NAQCC #1444,FP #1419, QRP-ARCI Member #12521. 
Other projects include: Solar charge controller, 2N2222 Xcvr by Jim Kortage, SWL40+, Elecraft K1 & K2 and various QRP antenna projects.


                                            The following pictures are of : Vibro-keyer with Af. Padouc  paddles.               A “Chrome Warrior” with Chote Cok  paddle ends.

                                            P2  Iambic key with African Padouc paddles.                                                   Homebrew Iambic with Rosewood paddles.

                                            Vibroplex single lever key with “Tiger” maple finger pieces.                         Zach Iambic with Norway Maple Paddles.

                                            Elecraft K1 and keys with “tiger maple” paddles.                                               Bencher with Tulipwood paddles.           

                                            Vibroplex Iambic with Chote Cok paddles.                                                   Homebrew bug with Hickory paddles.

                                            Tuning Knob inserts for K1 and K2 rigs.                                                        Vibro-keyer with Tulipwood paddles.


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 I will be taking orders for a Limited run of replacement finger pieces from now until Sept 15 ,2014. I can make them for Vibroplex , Bencher, P2, Black Widow and a few others. Here are the woods available. African Padouc,  dark red , nice grain

Tulipwood,  red with nice grain

Purple Heart, dark purple with nice curling

Canarywood , yellow with nice figure

Great Western  Curly Maple , light yellowish , very nice “tiger” curling

 Mohogany , light brown

Northern Mich curly Maple,  Birdseye Maple , light yellowish

 Spalted Beech , light wood , nice spallting

 Brazilian Satinwood , yellow with very nice figure

African Sapele ,  Brown es nice grain

Zebra wood, light brown with superior figure

Chate Cok,  red with nice figure

Cost is $25 per set postpaid, $40 fer 2 sets postpaid. I can make them for other keys besides Vibroplex , ,Benchers, P2’s, Black Widows es Schuurs but custom pieces are $40 a set, and I need an EXACT tracing to show size and hole placement. Vibroplex single lever paddles get 2 finger pieces es nylon spacers with mounting screws.

All pieces get made in 3 shapes. Vibroplex ovals, Bencher triangles, and a Generic “rounded off triangle”.  (for P2s es similar)      Anything other than these 3 shapes is a custom order.

Orders are expected to be filled by mid November – early December 2014.

This is what I need to do your order:

State how many sets.

For what kind of key.

State a choice of wood. ( 1st es 2nd choice please)

Enclose check or M.O. for the order to my QRZ . com address.

Your correct return shipping address.

Any Questions ? contact me for information at, wb8lzg@sbcglobal.net  73 Gregg WB8LZG

They will also beNo longer making these finger pieces commercially. These will continue to be       offered as prizes in the NAQCC monthly sprints.  Thank you.


Gregg Mulder
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(517) 646-6257

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If you have any questions or ideas.

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