Susan J. Masten, P.E.
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Research Complex A136
Michigan State University
East Lansing, MI 48824

Phone number: 517/ 355-2254

You can also call the CEE secretary, Lori Hasse, at 517/ 355-0228.

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My faculty profile for the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering is located here. 

Courses taught:
    Principles of Environmental Engineering and Science (CE 280)
    Environmental Chemistry (CE 481)

    Water and Wastewater Treatment Plant Design (CE 483)

    Air Pollution: Science and Engineering (ENE 489)
    Design of Remediation Systems for Hazardous Waste Contamination (CE 491)

    Capstone Civil/Environmental Engineering Project (CE 495)
    Physicochemical Processes in Environmental Engineering (ENE 802)

Recent Research:


Professor Mastenís research involves the use of chemical oxidants for the remediation of soils, water, and leachates contaminated with hazardous organic chemicals. Dr. Masten has been working extensively to develop water treatment technologies that are more effective and suitable for use in decentralized water treatment systems.Over the last year, she has also begun to evaluate water treatment technologies for developing countries, and is looking at improving the ceramic water purifiers for pathogen removal.Dr. Masten, along with several other faculty members, holds a patent on a hybrid ceramic membrane filtration system.She has conducted extensive research on the use of this technology for the control of disinfection by-products, nanoparticles, bromate, and pharmaceuticals in drinking water.This process uses the nanoassembly of metal oxides on membrane surfaces.

Dr. Masten is well-known for her research on the in-situ use of gaseous ozone to oxidize residual contaminants in saturated soils using ozone sparging and in unsaturated soils using soil venting. She has studied the toxicity of the by-products of chemical oxidation processes as measured by gap junction intercellular communication (GJIC). Advanced oxidation processes involving ozonation for the oxidation of the polychlorinated benzenes have been investigated by students in her research group. Work has focused on optimizing these systems for the generation of OH radicals and the development of predictive models.

Recent Publications:


Byun, S; S.H. Davies, M.J. Baumann, A.L. Alpatova, L.M. Corneal, V.V. Tarabara; S.J. Masten. 2011. Mn Oxide Coated Catalytic Membranes For A Hybrid Ozonation - Membrane Filtration: Comparison Of Ti, Fe And Mn Oxide Coated Membranes For Water Quality. Water Reseach 45(1); 163-170.
L.M .Corneal , M.J. Baumann S.J. Masten, S.H. Davies, V.V. Tarabara, S.J. Byun. M.J. Baumann. 2011. Mn oxide coated catalytic membranes for hybrid ozonation-membrane filtration: Membrane microstructural characterization. J. Membrane Science.10.1016/j.memsci.2010.11.071

S.H. Davies, M.J. Baumann, S. Byun, L. M. Corneal, V.V. Tarabara, S.J. Masten. 2010. Fabrication of Catalytic Ceramic Membranes for Water Filtration. Water Science and Technol: Water Supply. 10: 81Ė86.

L.M .Corneal , S.J. Masten, S.H. Davies, V.V. Tarabara, S.J. Byun. M.J. Baumann, 2010. AFM, SEM and EDS characterization of manganese oxide coated ceramic water filtration membranes , J. Membrane Sci.360: 292-302.

Moslemi, M., S.H. Davies, S.J. Masten. 2010. Ozone Mass Transfer in a Recirculating Loop Semibatch Reactor Operated at High Pressure. J. Adv. Oxid. Technol. 13: 79-88.

Alpatova, A.A., W. Shan, P. Babica, B.L. Upham, A.R. Rogensues, S.J. Masten, E. Drown, A.K. Mohanty, E.C. Alocilja, V.V. Tarabara, 2010. Single-walled carbon nanotubes dispersed in aqueous media via non-covalent functionalization: Effect of dispersant on the stability, cytotoxicity, and epigenetic toxicity of nanotube suspensions.Water Res. 44: 505-520.

Kim, J., W.Q. Shan, S.H. Davies, M.J. Baumann, S.J. Masten, and V.V. Tarabara. 2009. Interactions of Aqueous NOM with Nanoscale TiO2: Implications for Ceramic Membrane Filtration-Ozonation Hybrid Process. Environmental Science and Technology, 43: 5488-5494.

Luster-Teasley, S.L., Adams, N. and Masten, S.J. Y 2009. Evaluation of soil pH and moisture content on in-situ ozonation of pyrene in soils, Journal of Hazardous Materials, 167: 701-706.

Karnik, B.S., M.J. Baumann, L.M. Corneal, S.J. Masten and S.H. Davies. 2009. TEM characterization of iron oxide coated ceramic membranes, J. Mater. Sci. 44: 4148-4154.

Kim, J., S.H. Davies, M.J. Baumann, V.V. Tarabara, and S.J. MastenY. 2008. Effect of Ozone Dosage and Hydrodynamic Conditions on the Permeate Flux in a Hybrid Ozonation-Ceramic Ultrafiltration System Treating Natural Waters. J. Mem. Sci., 311:165-172.

Satoh, A.Y., J.E. Trosko, and S. J. Masten.Y. 2007. Methylene Blue Dye Test for Rapid Qualitative Detection of Hydroxyl Radicals Formed in a Fentonís Reaction Aqueous Solution. Environ. Sci. Technol. 41(8): 2881-2887.




I worked extensively with TOSC (Technical Outreach Support for Communities) which is sponsored by theU.S. Environmental Protection Agency




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Seminars presented in December 2001:
Ozone/FBT seminar

Teaching Seminar

Presentation for the AEESP Meeting in Toronto, Workshop on Instructional Technology
Use of Web-based Technology in Introduction to Environmental Engineering and the Defense Against the Dark E-Arts

Poster Presentation the AEESP Meeting in Toronto, August 10-13, 2002.
Use of Web-based Technology in Introduction to Environmental Engineering

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