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Introductory Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics

J.R. Elliott
C. T. Lira

Prentice-Hall International Series in the Physical and Chemical Engineering Sciences ISBN (0-13-011386-7)

Brief Description of ConcepTesting

ConcepTesting can be described as a teaching technique in which students are faced with general conceptual questions with multiple choice answers. After answering individually, the students work in groups and are allowed to change their answers. A sample question might be: "Write the most appropriate energy balance for the following: A compressor is filling the Goodyear blimp. System: the blimp and its contents." One key is that the question lends itself to possible debate over subtle points. Another key is that the question focuses on the conceptual issues without getting bogged down in detailed calculations. ConcepTesting in thermodynamics has been discussed by Falconer (Chem. Eng. Ed. 2004, 2007) and in Chemistry by C.L. Landis et al. (2001). Technology for implementation and brief descriptions of the methodology are available at einstruction.com and www.H-ITT.com.

The powerpoint files included in these units go somewhat beyond the concepTest scope in that they include some numerical exercises as well. It is useful to complement the conceptual questions with questions that complement the lecture and example problems. In this way students learn by doing, but the problems are broken into sufficiently small pieces that they never digress too far. This is an active learning alternative to writing the dervation on the board and having the students copy it down.

ConceptTests are provided in PowerPoint format:

ConeceptTests for Unit I

ConeceptTests for Unit II

ConeceptTests for Unit III


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