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Introductory Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics

J.R. Elliott
C. T. Lira

Prentice-Hall International Series in the Physical and Chemical Engineering Sciences ISBN (0-13-011386-7)

Support for HP48gII (and HP49?)

The HP programs have been successfully uploaded and tested on the HP48gII.

The programs should also work on the HP49 as explained here, but the authors do not have an HP49 to test. The HP49 manual does not indicate details on the 'transfer' functions. The HP49 comes with a USB cable, and the Kermit that we distribute communicates with a serial connection. If a user writes to Professor Lira with the experience and procedures, it will be posted here for the community. Click here for e-mail link.

Details on the changes made to the programs for compatibility with HP48gII.

This section documents the changes made to the programs. The programs distributed on the web site already include these changes. The only major problem encountered in the older version of the programs is the use of a named subdirectory 'REF'. REF is a command on the 48gII, therefore the calculator interprets it as the HP command rather than a subdirectory, resulting in a syntax error when the program is loaded.

(1) The changes in the old versions of the programs are:

(A) Do a case-sensitive search for 'REF', you will find it in the section:

"Now run PVTF"

The name 'REF' was changed to 'REFS'.

(B) The HP 48gII and HP49 are more powerful in evaluating symbolic equations, which requires the rewriting of one statement to obtain a numerical result. Search for 'EXP(A21' that will be found in the 'VLAR' routine.

The original code:

' EVAL "\Gg2"

The updated code moves 'EXP' resulting in

-X1)*A21/X1/A12)^2) '


updated 8/11/05 ,Copyright 2000-5, Carl T. Lira, J. Richard Elliott. All rights reserved.