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Introductory Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics

J.R. Elliott
C. T. Lira

Prentice-Hall International Series in the Physical and Chemical Engineering Sciences ISBN (0-13-011386-7)

Program Download Instructions

This software for the first edition has been superceded by the software for the second edition available at http://chethermo.net/software.

This page is still provided for the users of the first edition of "Introductory Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics" by J.R. Elliott, Jr., and C.T. Lira described at http://www.egr.msu.edu/~lira/thermtxt1.htm.

(10/10)Special Note about Excel variables:

We have reports that the use of variables in the spreadsheets is causing some unexpected behavior in Excel 2007 and 2010, and also on the MAC platform. For example, the use of 'T' was fine in Excel 2003, but is interpreted logically on the MAC. Please share our appreciation with Professor William McCaffrey, University of Alberta, CA, who shared his patched version with us.

PREOS for MAC.xls (Excel 2008) (Right-click to download).

(3/09)MatLab files are available for the Peng-Robinson equation of state (pure fluids) and for Raoult's Law. Documentation is not yet incorporated into the pdf file linked below. The programs have sufficient internal documentation to facilitate use. Click the link in the appropriate header below to move to the folder. The programs are:

Files in PengRobinson folder:
(1) Preos.m - Peng-Robinson script. Solves cubic using MatLab root-finding routine, but otherwise as described in section 6.6. Also prints fugacity to enable root selection. Uses vector processing. (3/08)
(2) PreosProps1.1.zip - Peng-Robinson ZUHS calculations (ver 1.1) using departure functions. Builds on routines of Preos.m by calculating departure functions. Uses solver fzero to iteratively find the P or T to match a state property if desired. Use vector processing and function calls and an anonymous function call. Include a GUI interface. Consists of PreosProps.m, PreosPropsMenu.fig, PreosPropsMenu.m. The later two files are used for the GUI. Unzip and run using '>run PreosPropsMenu' in the Matlab command window. (new 3/09)
(3) PreosProps1.0.m - Peng-Robinson ZUHS calculations (ver 1.0) using a reference state. Requires function calls by code. See code for documentation. (3/08)

Files in Raoult'sLaw folder:
(3) RaoultBP.m - simple function to calculate bubble pressure using Antoine's equation with Raoult's Law. Illustrates vector processing.
(4) RaoultBT.m - simple function to calculate bubble temperature using Antoine's equation with Raoult's Law. Illustrates vector processing and fzero solver.
(5) RaoultTxy.m - simple function for binary Txy diagram calculation. Builds on methods illustrated in RaoultBT.m. Uses vector processing, fzero solver in a loop, plotting, graph labeling using variables.

(Last update 8/05) The programs are continually evolving, and so is the documentation. The file apxcompu.pdf is the most recent version of the appendix describing the programs but does not include the Matlab files linked above. If the PDF viewer plug-in is not installed on your web browser,  the free Adobe Acrobat reader to view/print this PDF file is available from http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readermain.html The file apxcompu.pdf is included in the compressed archive "progpack.exe" described below.

1. Print these instructions for your records.

2. To download any or all of the programs use one of the following options:

If you wish to download ALL the programs and documentation, they are available in the single file "progpack.exe". When this program is executed, it will create an entire directory system with all programs and documentation that accompanies the text. Transfer progpack.exe to your machine, and be sure to place it in an empty subdirectory (not your desktop!). Do not place it in the root directory, because it places some files in the directory in which it resides. Execute "progpack.exe". The correct subdirectories should be created. The file progpack.exe can be safely deleted after it has been executed. Click to download progpack.exe.


To download the most current version of an individual program, move to the appropriate subdirectory by browsing through the folders at this link. File dates show when a particular file has been updated. (folder dates are not accurate). The files that have "pack" in their names are self extracting archives that have the entire subdirectory included. Once you have downloaded files to your PC system, put them in the desired subdirectory and execute them to update the subdirectory. You may delete the "pack" file after the directory has been properly updated. See the file ALSOREADME.TXT for these details.

3. Following Download, view the 'README' files and also review the General Supplements for supplemental information.

If you are a MAC user, all features of the Excel spreadsheets work on your machine, however we do not furnish a compressed archive so you will need to download  the individual spreadsheets. We do not have currently a compiled version of the FORTRAN programs for the MAC.

Thank you for your interest.


updated 2/4/12 ,Copyright 2000-11, Carl T. Lira, J. Richard Elliott. All rights reserved.