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     My research interests lie in the science and engineering of polymeric materials. My polymer engineering interests center on polymer surfaces, interfaces, and self-assembly; and among these most especially polymer adhesion and thin films.  The polymer engineering, which I am concerned, involves control over surface and interface properties at molecular level, which is critically important in many existing and emerging technologies, particularly those that are based on electro-active organic and polymeric materials, and bio-active or bio-responsive materials.  Most materials processes in the chemical industries are governed by the interplay between transport and molecular structure, and macroscopic processing conditions in such materials processes shape micro-structural features of the final product.

     Within the above context, I wish to describe both my greatest research interest at this time, and the broad range of polymer-related research interests which I also actively maintain.

     My greatest research interest at this time would be the exciting application of surface tuning or patterning which integrates multiple opposite functional groups, such as hydrophilic and hydrophobic and electropositive and electronegative, into the micro-processing of optical, electrical, magnetic, photonic, and bio-materials in the creation of devices and sensors.  I find this principle of tuning or patterning with multiple opposite functional groups to be exciting for two reasons 1) because it has multidisciplinary significance owing to its common applicability to diverse materials types, and 2) because it dramatically illustrates how atomic & microscopic processing conditions can shape the meso- and macro-structural features of a surprisingly diverse range of final products, the diverse materials with which we process devices and sensors.

     Meanwhile, I maintain a broader range of polymer-related research interests.  I seek to develop practical applications based on my growing fundamental knowledge in the following areas:

  • (1) polymer-solid interface & surface: design & analysis

  • (2) self-assembly: surface tuning vs. patterning 

    • a)colloidal micro arrays on surfaces using polyelectrolyte multilayers as templates, 

    • b) thin film instability and patterning, and

    • c) nano-composite: metal nano-particles and coating

  • (3) polymer processing & rheology

    • a)   mathematical& numerical approach to polymer dynamics

    • b) molecular dynamics approach to polymer relaxation

    • c) scaling approach to polymer chain analysis on surfaces

  • (4) biotechnology: micro-arrays of bio-materials (e.g., for high-throughput screening)

And, while developing engineering applications in the above areas, I will be alert to the further understanding of fundamental phenomena and knowledge, which may arise in the course of my engineering pursuits.  I am eager to discover something new.  I would like to demonstrate further how fundamental understandings of polymers, such as the atomic and nano-level behavior of polymeric materials, enable us to describe new methods for engineering surfaces and interfaces at the meso- and macro-scopic levels, and work on challenging, high-impact problems.

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