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Group Lunch, 5/19/2014


Congratulations Shaowen Ji and Wei Wang! (12/14/12)


Group Photo after Dinner (December 1, 2012)


Group Photo after group meeting (Oct. 4, 2012)

(Wei Wang, Andrew Izbick, Shaowen Ji, Jing Yu, Anna Song, Ankush Gokhale, me, Oishi Sanyal, Ryan Yau)


Group PhD students (Oct. 4, 2012)

(Shaowen Ji, Jing Yu, Ankush Gokhale, me, Anna Song, Wei Wang, Oishi Sanyal)


Group Photo after group lunch (July 5, 2012)


Nathan Parker's Poster Presentation at the MSU Summer Undergraduate Research Forum Show cases (July 24, 2012)


Congratulations on Troy's PhD degree (May, 2008)

Congratulations on Sri's PhD degree! (May, 2007)

Also, Congratulations on Neeraj's PhD degree! (May, 2007)

Troy on the State News! Click for more details! (February, 2007)

MSU today/ MSU Newsroom/ Michigan Small Tech/ MSU News Bulletin/ Michigan Future/ Great Lake IT Report

Picnic June 2003: Lansing Lake Park

 Let's eat first!!!

It's very hot!

Where are they going?

Troy and Erin

Jin Soo says -> "I am getting married soon"

Sri: I am enjoying nap.  Don't bother me!

I am Neeraj.  I am praying.

I am Troy.  It is really hot!

Erin: I am the only female student in the group!

Jim: I work out three days a week!  Can you tell?

Group Photo (2003)

Group Photo (2002)

From Left: Srivatsan Kidambi, Ilsoon Lee, Troy Hendricks, Jin Soo Ahn, and Neeraj Kohli

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