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Associate Professor / Assistant Professor

          Michigan State University, Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, East Lansing, MI

Postdoctoral Associate

 MIT, Dept. of Chemical Engineering and Dept. of Materials Science Engineering, Cambridge, MA
Chemical Engineering / Materials Science / The Microphotonics Center

  • with: Profs. Paula.T. Hammond and Michael.F. Rubner

  • Colloidal self-organization for photonic application

  •  Microcontact printing (including PDMS stamp design)

  •  Polymer stamping on polymers and solid surfaces

  •  Patterned polyelectrolyte multilayer on patterned SAMs

  •  Selective Metal Deposition on Complex Colloid-PLBL Microstructures

  •  Nanoreactors for metallic particles within micropatterned multilayers

Graduate Research Assistant

  •   University of Delaware, Dept. of Chemical Engineering. Wool Interface Group, Newark, Delaware

  •   Synthesis and Characterization of polymers (carboxylated polybutadiene)

  •   Surface modification and Characterization (self assembly of silanes)

  •   Polymer-Solid Interface Design and Analysis  (structure and strength)

  •   Manufacturing and Testing of Composites and Polymers (vinyl ester and glass fibers)

  •   XPS, AFM, FTIR, DSIMS, RTM, SWLI, contact angle analysis, etc.





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