PhD Thesis Supervised/Examined (Not updated)

PhD thesis Supervised at IIT Kanpur:

  • 11 PhD theses completed, 4 PhD theses guiding currently

  • (Dilip Pratihar, Pawan Nain, Sivakumar, Kidwai, Vipin Tripathi, Dilip Datta, Shamik Chaudhuri, Dhish Saxena, Deepak Sharma, Kodali Shyam Prasad, S. Karthik (Finland), Ankur Sinha (Finland), Rituparna Dutta, Sunith Bandaru, Florian Siegmund (Sweden))

  • 50+ Masters theses guided
  • Examiner of PhD Theses (India and abroad):

  • ETH Zurich, Switzerland (2 PhD theses)
  • University of Reading, UK (1 thesis), University of West of England, UK (1 thesis)
  • Hongkong Polytechnique, HongKong (2 theses)
  • University of Paderborn, Germany (1 thesis)
  • Aalborg University, Denmark (1 thesis)
  • Technical University of Denmark (1 thesis)
  • Delft University, Netherlands (1 thesis)
  • National University of Singapore, Singapore (1 thesis)
  • IIT Kanpur, IIT Madras, IIT Delhi, IIT Kharagpur, IIT Roorkee (several theses)
  • IIM Kolkata and other Indian Universities (several theses)