Roger C. Haut

Professor of Biomechanics
in the colleges of Engineering and Osteopathic Medicine,
Mechanical Engineering and Orthopaedic Surgical Specialties Departments.
Director of the Orthopaedic Biomechanics Laboratories.

  • B.A. Mechanical Engineering, Michigan State University, 1967
  • M.S. Mechanics, Michigan State University 1968
  • Ph.D Mechanics, Michigan State University, 1971

Areas of Interest

Impact-trauma biomechanics, orthopaedic biomechanics, experimental mechanics involving research of surgical methods and materials, shoe design, and post-trauma osteoarthrosis.

Awards and Honors

Professional Memberships

Representative Publications

1. Atkinson, PJ, Haut, RC. Injuries produced by blunt trauma to the human patellofemoral joint vary with flexion angle of the knee. J. Orthopaedic Research. 19(5):827-833, 2001.

2. Bowker, RM, Atkinson, PJ, Atkinson, TS, Haut, RC. Effect of contact stress in bones of the distal interphalangeal joint on microscopic changes in articular cartilage and ligaments. Am. J. Veterinary Research. 62(3):414-424, 2001.

3. DeJardin, LM, Arnoczky, SP, Ewers, BJ, Haut, RC, Clarke, RB. Tissue-engineered rotator cuff tendon using porcine small intestine submucosa: Histologic and mechanical evaluation in dogs. American Journal of Sports Medicine. 29(2):175-184,2001.

4. Atkinson, PJ, Ewers, BJ, Haut, RC. Blunt injuries to the patellofemoral joint resulting from transarticular loading are influenced by impactor energy and mass. J. Biomechanical Engineering. 123(3):293-295, 2001.

5. Ewers, BJ, Devoracek-Disksna, D, Orth, MW, Haut, RC. The extent of matrix damage and chondrocyte death in mechanically traumatized articular cartilage explants depends on rate of loading. J. Orthopaedic Research. 19(5):779-784, 2001.

6. Atkinson, PJ, Haut, RC. Impact responses of the flexed human knee using a deformable impact interface. J. Biomechanical Engineering. 123(3):205-211, 2001.

7. Shaw, N, Wertheimer, S, Krueger, J, Haut, R. A mechanical comparison of first metatarsal diaphyseal osteotomies for the correction of hallux abducto valgus. J. Foot & Ankle Surgery. 40(5):271-276, 2001.

8. Jayaraman, VM, Sevensma, ET, Kitagawa, M, Haut, RC. Experimental constraint can affect injury patterns in the human knee during tibial-femoral joint loading. The Stapp Car Crash Journal. 45:449-467, 2001.

9. Ewers, BJ, Jayaraman, VM, Banglmaier, RF, Haut, RC. Rate of blunt impact loading affects changes in retropatellar cartilage and underlying bone in the rabbit patella J. Biomechanics. 35(6):747-755, 2002.

10. Ewers, BJ, Weaver, BT, Sevensma, ET, Haut, RC. Chronic changes in rabbit retro-patellar cartilage and subchondral bone after blunt impact loading of the patellofemoral joint. J. Orthopaedic Research. 20(3):545-550, 2002.

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