Biological Processes in Environmental Engineering

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This is a design course for environmental engineers focusing on the biological principles. It uses a textbook written by Rittmann and McCarty, 2001, Environmental Biotechnology: Principles and Applications. It is atught during Fall semester each year and is most suitable for students interested in learning the quantitative aspects of all biological processes with a focus on wastewater treatment and remediation.


Senior Design in Civil & Environmental Engineering

Environmental Faculty Consultant

CE 495 is a capstone design experience designed to be taken in the student's last semester in the undergraduate program. Prior to enrolling in CE 495, students must have completed 400-level design courses in at least two of the following areas: structures, geotechnical, pavements, transportation, water resources, and environmental.  



Environmental Engineering Process Laboratory

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This course is designed to provide and overarching experience in literature review, experimental design, laboratory scale reactor set up and operation, data collection and analysis, report writing, and presentation. Overall it provides a short exposure to many aspects of research.



Other Courses

CE487: Microbiology for Environmental Science & Engineering

CE280: Introduction to Environmental Engineering

CE272: Engineering Economics module